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New plugin ! A customizable slider input

Hello Everyone,

Thank’s for the great plugin !! I love it ! !
But I have one thing I can’t do…

I share you a link with a demonstration here:

I have 2 ways to change the value for my slider input:

  1. Directly from the slider input when I change the thumb
  2. When I select element below the slider input who contain the same value that the slider input (I put the value in a state in the parent group)

All is good when I load the page and I start the change the value by selecting the group below the slider input. And here the slider input move. This is what I want.

After that, when I change the value from the slider input by moving the thumb, all works like I want.

My problem is here. After this last action, when I decide to change once again the value by selecting the group element below the slider input, the value from the slider input doesn’t change and the thumb doesn’t move. It’s just my state in my parent group who will change.

Do you have an idea how can I make this case work ? If you need more information or my explication is not good, don’t hesitate to ask me question. My english is not very good, so sorry for that.

Thank’s a lot for you help, this is important for my UX.

Hi guillaume !
Thanks for using my plugin
If I understand correctly, you have a similar issue you’ll encounter with any kind input element : the default value is overrided as soon as the user touches the input…
I’ll take a look and see if I can create a workflow or a checkbox to change this behavior but in the midtime, a workaround that could work is to put the slider into a group, then in the workflow of the other element which is supposed to modify the slider’s value, add a “reset data” of this group step. It should put the slider back on it’s default value and allow it to reflect the changes of your state

Let me know if it is not clear or if it doesn’t work, I can make a demo page to explain better

Have a good day !

Thank’s a lot @theunsolver to give me this quick answer !! :slight_smile:
I put your slider input in a group and add a button to reset the data for this specific group but this workflow doesn’t reset the data for your slider.

I do the same for the bubble slider, and it’s work’s. I can reset the data for the bubble Slider. I will try to configure my case with the bubble slider to see if it’s work end to end.

From your side, you can reset the data for your slider input ?

@theunsolver I confirme that your solution you give me work with the original bubble slider input but I can do the same with your slider input.

I am curious if you made it :wink:

Thank’s again for your help, this is very appreciate.

Well, I can’t figure it out either with the workaround… Thanks for notifying me with this issue
I’ll take a look at the plugin code and fix that asap !
I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I hope it didn’t waste to much of your time

Have a good day ! I’ll keep you informed

Wow, I came here to this post again to ask exaaactly your same question!

Thanks @guillaume2 for saving me the time of formulating it :wink:
And thanks @theunsolver for your effort and quick replies! :+1:

I think in my case an action like “Reset slider to default” would solve the problem!



Hi again !
Sorry for the long time it took, I had to make a lot of change in the internal way the slider works, but it should be fixed and ready to be used as you intended to !

When the slider is in a group that has been reset, it starts following whatever value is set in its “default” field. I also added a specific workflow to reset a slider input (namely “reset a slider input”) which does the same thing.

Also, I added a “modified” state that can comes in handy to know if the slider has been touched by the user or not yet, it says “no” when the slider is reset, and becomes yes as soon as the slider is used.

I hope I’ve adressed all of your issues, you can see it working here :

and look inside here :

Thank you for your interest in my plugin.
Have a good day !

Hi !
I’m pleased to see my plugin is used :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve fixed the issue, you can now update the plugin.

Let me know if it causes any new trouble,
thanks a lot for all the feed back !

It works perfectly now!
Thanks a lot!