[NEW PLUGIN] Advanced Grid


I need to have my sort be a combination of two fields. I’ve tried every way I can think of to get around the current one-column sort limitation. I did come up with a solution by adding a sort field to the table, and at runtime combining the two fields into one, and then sorting the grid by this sort field. Works great. Sort of.

I can hide the sort column when viewing on the webpage by making its width 0.1, however I cannot hide this sort field upon print, or export. My users do not need to see, nor want to see this field.

How can I achieve this? Can you add a second column to sort by, so it can be set up to sort by the first column selected, and then by a second column selected? Or, can you add an option beside each field to show/not show that field?

This is a critical need. I greatly appreciate any help you can provide to resolve this.