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📅[New Plugin] Air Calendar (FullCalendar)

Thanks - I’m deferring work on this piece until @seanhoots resurfaces. (WILL he resurface?? I have the same concern as

well, he didnt reply to my pm aswell but I’ve seen a new version of the calendar (2.1.2) which do not fix our issue atm. let just him have some holidays :slight_smile:
Anyway if @seanhoots can let us fork/contribute to the plugin we will be glad too


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Hi @edd @eli

were you able to find workaround for the modified end date problem?

@eli if I understand correctly you just added CHANGE VIEW event on the page load? (my default view is also timeGridDay image

that doesn’t work me :frowning:

Similar to you I have this problem on page load mainly on safari. With chrome it works and then it doesn’t.

hey there,
I endup removing the plugin and implementing it myself.
Took a couple of hours to setup the basics and a whole day to polish it. For people who are stuck with this plugin I advise to implement it yourself :slight_smile: cheers


Would love any additional information about your implementation, Stephane. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to properly without more resource functionality.

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How are you all setting availability? I’d like to have each provider set a start and end time for each day of the week, but I don’t know how to present this on the calendar without making blocking events. (And if I make all these blocking events 6 months out via API, it takes about 60 seconds and often stalls)

I don’t think you can. I asked similar question couple months ago.

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Here we go. You will find a live demo and editor on fullcalendar implmentation. Enjoy!


I’m very excited to see this and interested in hiring you for customization, however I can’t view the demo. I see this:

Here you go, I needed to wait for the scripts to load first. can you try again ?

I can’t seem to get the demo to display. Not sure why

I was able to reproduce it : sometimes it displays sometimes not.

I think it is caused by the loading order in an HTML element.
I should have put them in settings > page header but it requires a paid plan…

Try to refresh the page until it shows (usually 3-4 times)


I’m having an issue with dragging events… it only works when debug mode is active. When debug mode is not active, the events vanish or move to the previous selected dates… like it is one iteration off of the current click.

Turn debug on, and it works fine.

In the database, i can see that it is losing the date info all together or writing the last data in from a previous selection and not the current one.

This is not specific to this plugin but I cant find my answer anywhere else.

If I during my signup process I wanted to make a dropdown to select the user’s timezone how would I select AirCalendar’s A’s timezones in the choices source. It doesn’t show up unless I have the AirCalendar element on the page which I don’t want.

Is this possible? Will update if I find the solution before anyone replies.

@seanhoots I have just confirmed this problem exists on your demo also… you may have missed it due to the fact that you may not have viewed it outside of debug mode.

I get this on the first attempt to select an area

are you saying this is a bubble issue??

Its more or less a me issue, I’m not sure if bubble allows for grabbing that sort of data from an element that isn’t loaded on that page.

EDIT: Keith’s reply below has the solution.

are you opposed to having it on the page hidden???

Cause what i would do is just setup Db fields called timezones, then create an Backend Workflow to convert the list into actual records. I think you can just store the name and the offset and you would be good to go.

You can grab the list of timezones and store it in your database, right?

Just drop Air Calendar on a page. Drop a button. On Button click: Create new thing (let’s call it Zones). Create its one and only field: Name (a list of texts). Set the value of Name as Air Calendar’s timezones.

Boom. Now you have a copy of that.

You can retrieve it from the database as: Search for Zones’s Names. This will return a list of texts – the names of all of the timezones.

(Obvs, you only need do this once.)