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📅[New Plugin] Air Calendar (FullCalendar)

Thanks! I’ll try that and report back. I initially did what @ryan8 suggested and just had a hidden AirCalendar element but I was a little concerned with the performance penalty of loading it unnecessarily (even if unnoticeable).

Of course you should also just first get the User’s timezone from the browser and ask them if that’s what they want to use. Grab my Browser Timezone and Locale plugin for an easy way to get that.

Solved! (Which, as always, created more problems but ill fix them) And thanks for the suggestion of grabbing the browsers timezone, I’ve implemented it without a hitch.

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Thank you for publishing this @stephane
I’m hoping I can make sense of what you’ve done here as this functionality is going to be essential for us.
However, I suspect I’ll struggle. Would you or anyone on your team be for hire on a small project to implement this within my company? Thank you for considering

Glad it helped @lawrenceb

I only do remote pair-programming with my clients so when they have ideas for improvements or future
problems to solve they can do it :slight_smile:

You can hire me there :

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hey @ryan8

did you find workaround for this? Struggling with this as well.

No nothing so far

[edit 3]

After solving some compatibility issues with other plugins - this stopped working.

@ryan8 @edd @eli

So I found workaround the problem with disappearing events and doubling the events.

What I did is changed the workflow works.

Workflow: the AirCalendar event is modified ->
Actions: pick some element and set states for: start date, end date, first_change (default “yes”) - or whatever names you want

Simply like that:

And then have action that simply changes the thing by referring to the custom states.


Notice that I have additional state first_change - it’s because for the first drag or resize the calendar doesn’t pick up the modified end dates. So there is a need for some UX workaround for that.

And then simply change state for the first_change for no. it works perfectly after that.

Hope it helps

[edit 2]

I forgot to mention that for the first drag/resize the event will change visually on the calendar but of course no data changes will be made in DB. Just added this and works great:


On the first drag/resize make changes to the current task… well by not changing it.

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interesting… i did try something like this with states and it did not work for me, but maybe ill try ti your way and see if i get something different. I tried having the CAL pull form the state, but seems like you are updating the event from the state to the DB vs referencing the state in the AIRCAL workflow

I need to show a class schedule, i,e, MWF, TTh etc, for a few weeks. Is air table able to do that? I want to just click on the dates of the class I am creating and then have the student see the schedule just as I created.
Hence all I need is the ability for user to see the dates selected on the calendar. They don,t do anything with it. Its a sort of a static calendar picture.

You can check out the Bubble plugin calendar for that, which is free. It’s called Full Calendar.

I am looking for something like the following picture. A calendar that has some pre clicked daes. I want to show a class calendar. The students can see the days/dates that have the classes. Couldn’t see any way to do that with Full Calendar. Is there any other plugin?

Check this one.

I’m revisiting this for probably the 6th time in the last year. I haven’t found any other plugin or solution that works as good as the Resource Timeline view that FullCalendar offers. @seanhoots is MIA but @stephane gave me a fantastic head start with his implementation and I’m fairly confident I can figure out how to make this work.
The point I’m stuck at now is one of the points that AirCalendar fails as well. I need my event to be able to recognize multiple resources:

Som, this is probably a novice question but how do I modify this expression to output the resources as an array?


Okay! So I don’t really know if it’s cool for me to take this thread hostage and post updates of my progress but it’s the most relevant thread that already exists and I may as well just add to what I’ve already mentioned.

There might be a better way of doing it but I did figure out a way to send my list of resources as an array in the JSON. I inserted a JSON Generator (plugin) in to each cell of my repeating group. To pull that each cell’s list out, I also added the RGExtractor plugin and the IF-THEN element that comes with the Utilities (BDK) so that all the extractors run automatically. Then with a few find&replaces on the end of the RGdata element, the text output is a properly formatted JSON to send in the FullCalendar script. The RGExtractor is only going to output data from cells that are displayed so I’d recommend using Full List for your repeating group. This solution will probably use a lot of resources if you have a long list but I never will in this instance so it should be fine.

It’s also worth mentioning that FullCalendar has a 5.0 version released only last month. There are quite a few changes that will make trying to borrow Stephane’s code much more difficult. If you use his implementation, stick with the 4.x version his is written for. His example showed me how to implement JS within Bubble and I’ve become familiar enough now that I’m going to be starting from scratch and implementing the newest version. I’d estimate I have about 13 hours in to this now.


I just wanted to suggest that maybe some Bubble plugin dev should pick up this plugin from @seanhoots

This is the best calendar plugin on Bubble and its a shame that all that work went to **** because of simple bug that makes it unusable. I would do it myself if could.

@ZeroqodeSupport @levon think it through guys, maybe with some luck you will find @seanhoots


we’d actually be happy to do that if @seanhoots is ready to consider that scenario.
We would take care of the plugins and keep improving them and providing support to the community.
What do you say @seanhoots ?


I agree, this is one of the best plugins, use it in all my apps. @seanhoots did a great job in creating this app, which was +5 in helping bubble have a modern looking calendar. The bubble native calendar element didn’t look professional for clients. This plugin now allows you to build professional looking calendar views with a fast / responsive UI. It would be great if you (@levon) could take it over to ensure it’s continued success and development.

Is @seanhoots still alive / on bubble? Haven’t seen anything from film since last year October or November

Hello, everyone.
Is it possible to create the events on another page, as little boxes, and then be able to drag them into the calendar?
Essentially, I have a repeating group of tasks and I want to be able to drag them in the calendar.
I want to know if this plug in could support that. And, if so, I would appreciate some guidance in executing that. :slight_smile:

@levon @gilles

Would be nice if someone took over, or if the ZQ Calendar sees significant further development (it’s already pretty good). The main issue is the @seanhoots hasn’t been on the forum since Jan 7th, so a handover might not even be possible…