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๐Ÿ“…[New Plugin] Air Calendar (FullCalendar)

@levon have your tired reaching out to @seanhoots? Iโ€™ll ask the bubble team if theyโ€™ve had contact with him. 8 months of Mia goes beyond a vacation. I hope he returns as he as a significant contributor to bubble and the forums.

Hey Gilles,
i havenโ€™t tried to send him a direct message, but hoped that heโ€™d see the forum messages.
iโ€™ve now found his email through the plugin support button, will try to shoot a message there.

Hello guys

I want to use the resources with resourceTimeGridWeek, but I have 8 resources and week donยดt look good
I attached how looks like, please your support. Maybe include a horizaontal scrolling would be the solution but I am not a expert. Please your support.

@stephane @seanhoots

Spotted @seanhoots in wappler land.

Heโ€™s alive!

@gilles @levon


Unbelievable, the bull is jumping the fence. We should troll him in the wrapper forums.

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The best solution is to integrate the calendar js yourself as Iโ€™ve done in my example.

@seanhoots gave up the plugin support and there is no way to fix it this way

Hi @stephane - where is your example ? Did you post it in another Thread?


@gilles Here

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@stephane gracias

I commend @seanhoots on his great effort with Air Calendar, been using it now for a month. But itโ€™s got some bugs and issues that need addressing and deserves continued development. I wrote to him directly on the forum and have not heard back. Heโ€™s probably busy with something new. I completely understand, but I think he could hand this off to someone. Heck, I may have to improve this myself. The big problem we face is that the plugin seems unusable on mobile. Canโ€™t create new events. This is a huge showstopper. Does anyone else experience this or is there a workaround?


Hi @levon

Did @seanhoots ever get back to you ? If not, Iโ€™ll message him as well.


Hi @gilles, no he never got back to meโ€ฆ

Hello Ted!
Itโ€™s definitely usable on mobile, you have to keep touched the Calendar area for a couple seconds and then it fires the new event action. The single-touch is valid only for existing events.

But still, there are some major bugs and issues that needs addressing.
Eventually @levon you should consider taking this job creating the plugin from scratch?
I will be sold even for a pre-order thing to help developing, this is a major need for a loooong kinds of apps.

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@oh.devteam Aha! Thank you. I was too impatient. My users are as well and all submit complaints. Now I must add some help text to disclose the bug and tell them to hold but just on mobile. The plugin should just work with taps, not holds. Not sure what the technical limitation is with mobile taps.

Hello @ted

Indeed it should work with just a tap, or at least with an option to change that behavior or kind of.
Anyway, there are some headache bugs that probably most of us knows about, but the impossibility to make a concrete use of resize/move an existing event or while in creation, is the thing that bugs me the mostโ€ฆamongst the others obviously.
Weโ€™ll wait for a courageous team of superheroes to create this from scratch :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone. I want to add some html on this plugin to show other things. Anyone knows how to do it?? I would like to insert emoticons (fa-icons) and show the informations about the appointment in the same line of the title.

I just posted a full calendar template [New Template] Equina Full Calendar Application.


Based on your experience with Air Calendar is it worth risking my time on an unsupported plugin?

$94 isnโ€™t too much to pay for what the plugin promises to do, but investing time in something that isnโ€™t supported if it breaks is a bit worrisome. I really got burned by Air Date/Time picker breaking and costing me literally days of work pulling it out and replacing it with a home-grown reusable element.

Iโ€™m not sure I trust that the plugin is used in 341 production apps, but nothing in this thread suggests that Air Calendar doesnโ€™t continue to work properly and be usable.

Your thoughts?

It depends how well it works for you. I have worked around its issues for the most part. If I had more time, I would write my own plugin. I appreciate how Bubble has created a community of plugin developers to augment Bubble, but I also wish Bubble itself would put more effort into extending the platform and more quickly.

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I agree and also wish Bubble would do a better job of protecting developers (Bubble subscribers) from plugin developers disappearing. As it is now, when a plugin developer goes missing for any reason, there is no protection I know of for users of the plugin.