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📅[New Plugin] Air Calendar (FullCalendar)

@ZeroqodeSupport Have noticed the last couple of weeks that the calendar is painfully slow to load. Like, 15-20 seconds of a blank screen before any parts of the calendar loads. It didn’t use to be this way. Can we please address? Have gotten a few emails about it just today from paying users of mine.

In this video, I show the load time twice and in between, I hit my jobs list which is loading the same type of data as the calendar to show the difference in load time. As you can see, this doesn’t appear to be any sort of database issue and the delay has only recently appeared. Can you help?

Awesome! Really looking forward to this! @ZeroqodeSupport

Do you have rough estimation on when this will be released?

Just so you know, I had a similar problem :

What worked for me was changing my Data source statement to a “Search for” where before it was like “This User’s Groups’ Events”. Calendar now loads in a second like it used to.
I don’t know if AirCalendar has trouble with these particular statements or if it’s a new Bubble issue. I personnally always thought Search was slower but I’m not up-to-date on optimization practices.

Unrelated, what kind of view are you using for this calendar ? It doesn’t look like the default list style.

Hi, I would like to ask could the air calendar plugin perform something like this where it could show the dates and you could select the available timeslot, blocked slots and select the slots based on the time you want?

Hello, Friends!

We have purchased a Full Calendar license, so now you can use the premium features of the plugin without any limits. Hope it will be handy for you guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

These days we have made another plugin update. :tada:
2.8.0: HTML is customized to be as close as possible to the design from Seanhoots. Added getUTCFullYear error fix.

What was done:

:hammer_and_wrench: fixed: getUTCFullYear error when the Remember view checkbox is activated
:hammer_and_wrench: fixed: calendar design was customized as close as possible to the Seanhoots (old versions)
:hammer_and_wrench: fixed: removed outer borders from the week view
:heavy_plus_sign: added: Google Calendar events functionality
:heavy_plus_sign: added: the “Today” circle

Zeroqode Support Team


Thanks! Great news!

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Incredible update guys! Was able to upgrade to the newest version with nearly no observed losses in my existing functionality or styling. Really excellent work @ZeroqodeSupport .

If I can be super nit picky, I have one request that I believe others have also echo’d earlier in this thread. In the process of updating the HTML rendering of events on the calendar, Event titles now wrap to the next line instead of just going out of sight in the event. The problem is it’s going to make all the events different sizes on the pages the event titles will have different lengths. In Sean’s version, the title just went out of sight if it was too long and you could change to a different view or hover over the event to see the whole thing. Would it be possible to bring this functionality back?


This looks great, thanks a lot guys

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@ZeroqodeSupport @levon Couple issues:

  1. When using Custom view: Resource Timeline, View type: Month or Year with a 24 hr duration to show events for each day of the month/year, the dates on the header show up as 12:00am instead of Sat May 1, Sun May 2 etc. Any way this can be fixed?

  2. Leaving the “Event background col” dynamic color option empty to use default color for all event throws an error

The plugin Air Calendar (Full Calendar 5.6.0) / element AirCalendar threw the following error:
UnexpectedError Invalid fieldName: null
at Object.get (
at eval (PLUGIN_Air-Calendar–Full-Calendar-5-6-0–update–AirCalendar-.js:440:41) (please report this to the plugin author)

Referencing a random field solves it but then it doesn’t honor the default border color.

  1. Any plans to allow the ability to reference Current Event in conditionals and then set dynamic colors for each event box there as opposed to reference Database fields? I believe this was requested previously.


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  1. Bug when leaving the end time empty, event content does not show on the calendar event
    Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 4.13.19 PM

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 4.13.57 PM

  1. Any idea when dynamic timezone will be working? Currently it ignores the dynamic timezone field. I saw a note saying it’s under development?


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I can’t get my calendar above version 2.6.0 without the app throwing out an error.

Any ideas on a fix? :slight_smile: