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📅[New Plugin] Air Calendar (FullCalendar)

I feel like I’m doing something wrong with Air Calendar and wanted to check to make sure.

Firstly, Event Backgrounds, Titles and Border colours. I want to make my calendar look good with different colours for different combinations of variables but the only way I seem to be able to do is this with workflow triggers when data changes which takes a long time to build with all the different combinations.

The conditionals on the calendar as far as I can see don’t allow you to set the colours of the events.

I’ve been through this thread a few times but can’t seem to see any video walkthroughs.


I may be completely off base and miss your point, and if so, I beg your pardon.

I would not try to set colors dynamically. Instead, I would set their values as fields in the event things. Then set (or change) those values whenever an event is changed. It sounds like this is what you’re saying takes a long time to build. The way I see it, this is the easiest way to recognize the combination(s) of conditions that should control the colors. If it’s a lot of combinations, it seems that attempting to deal with them in conditional formatting.

Again, it may be that I simply don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve and the challenge with setting the color values in the database when events change.

Having said this, and possibly going in the wrong direction, it might be helpful if you provide examples of what you’re trying to do and what challenge(s) you’re facing.

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I obviously don’t understand the use case. :thinking:

Looks like you’re showing docs for your Full Calendar Scheduler Suite. Perhaps that would be the better plugin for @lee1’s use case. I can’t infer what the use case is but if your plugin meets Lee’s need, that would be the way for him to go. AirCalendar doesn’t seem to support any intelligence around event types.

For my app, the need will be for more interesting combinations of conditions affecting colors. AirCalendar still may not fill the bill, but I haven’t come close to stressing it out.

Hopefully, Lee will jump in with a clearer picture of what he’s trying to achieve.


I’m trying to let my users connect their google calendar to the air calendar.
I managed to get the Google Calendar ID, but for some reason, Air Calendar doesn’t display the events.

What am I missing?

Hey @ZeroqodeSupport

I noticed tonight there’s a conditional setting for hiding/showing weekends. But, the calendar doesn’t respond to it, even if I run a workflow to rerender when the checkbox is checked. Any ideas? Would LOVE to get that working.

Friends, please accept our apologies for not replying for a while.
Let us please check your requests and provide feedback. We’ll get back asap. :pray:

Zeroqode Support Team

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