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📅[New Plugin] Air Calendar (FullCalendar)

Hi @elisae2011, thanks for your message.

Once the plugin element setup is specified that blocked events can be edited (yes), they are considered as ordinary events, so the “A Air Calendar event” event is triggered.
For triggering the “Air Calendar A Blocked event Clicked” it is required to have the “no” value in “Allow editing blocked” field.

Hope the provided answer helps. If there is anything else that I can help with, please let us know.

Zeroqode Support Team


ok i have changed it to no bu still doesnt work :frowning:

Hi @elisae2011, thanks for providing details on your case.

If an event has the Resource field included, it can be clicked, and added one more event above. If the event is not assigned to a resource, it can’t be clicked. So, in your case, if you want that your blocked events should not be clickable, please avoid assigning them to a certain resource.

Hope the provided information helps. If there is anything else that we can help with, please drop a message.

Zeroqode Support Team


Is it possible to add functionality so that in resource view, the resources are clickable.

Example, I use AirCal as a scheduler for employees at a company. If i was to click the employees name in the resource list, it would trigger workflow to open a popup with employee details etc.


Hi @ZeroqodeSupport,

Is it possible to allow ordering of events by event TITLE, as currently things are ordered by time and using a sort in the Search doesn’t impact anything? Seems like the fullcalendar has an option to sort by title for example. eventOrder - Docs | FullCalendar


Hi @alan.mackintosh1 & @muneer.hameer, thanks for your suggestions.

We’ve added this feature requests to the pool of plugin possible improvements. The developer team will check how feasible would be to add it in future plugin updates.

In case any news will appear in this regard, we will let you know.

Thank you for understanding :pray:

Zeroqode Support Team

@levon The plugin has a high impact (speed wise) on the whole app, even if the plugin is not used in a particular page. Would it be possible to load the plugin ONLY on pages where the plugin is used? Or only when the plugin is visible?

Please see source code of, We use the plugin but its placed on a reusable element and triggered only when user does a specific action.
Thank you


using the time slots as you do on your site could fit my need.

Did you make this slot logic available via the plugin or with another logic?


Hi @ZeroqodeSupport, is it possible to do a resource TimelineYear and show the days in the X-axis instead of hours?

See mockup below

Is it also possible to group resources to a Project?
similar to Timeline view resource grouping - Demos | FullCalendar

Project A
-Employee 1
-Employee 2
-Employee 3
-Room Z

Project B
-Employee 4
-Employee 7
-Room W



Is there any movement on this? Do you conside sponsorship for plugin developments?


Hi @rory.mulligan, thanks for your message.

Regretfully, the current plugin functionality doesn’t support such a feature, sorry about that.

This feature request earlier has been added to the plugin’s possible improvements roadmap. Once any news will appear in this regard, we will let you know asap.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi @alan.mackintosh1, thanks for your question.

We’re afraid there is no news in this regard so far. Currently, we only improve our plugins considering the market demand.

If there are any other questions about the current plugin functionality that we can help with, please let us know.

Zeroqode Support Team

Hi @cm1, thanks for your patience.

The developer team checked your question, both on the provided link and on a testing ground and came to the conclusion that:

  • if the page doesn’t contain a plugin element in any condition - the plugin code is not loaded
  • if the page contains a plugin element in hidden condition, all related library files are loaded but not triggered in any way, so it can not influence the page load.

Hope this answer helps. If there will be any other plugin-related questions, please let us know.

Zeroqode Support Team

@ZeroqodeSupport @seanhoots I’ve subscribed to Air Calendar but immediately I can’t get a popup to show when a calendar cell is clicked - when you right click on the calendar and add ‘Show popup’ in workflow, this ONLY allows you to show a popup for an event and NOT for when a day cell is clicked so basically I can’t add an event. Instructions are lacking, need a solution or a refund, sorry spent too much time on this. The normal Full Calendar allows you to add workflows for when a day OR and event is clicked.

Hi @darren.james7518

I don’t know if I understood you well, but you can definitely show a popup when a day is clicked. Just add the action “Show element” in the right workflow.

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@rpetribu Unfortunately the element you have circled is for the old Bubble Full calendar (I haven’t uninstalled it yet). The AirCalendar has no options to show a popup when a day is clicked, only an event as you can see from the image.

But here it is working just fine :thinking:

Can’t you see this event?

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Well that is a good start, at least now I know the setting is in the ‘Elements’ tab, that is something not explained clearly. But, I still don’t have that setting … see below … I tried many of them… utterly unclear - I don’t know why everything says ‘a’ AirCalendar … what does ‘a’ mean?


I have nothing which says “AirCalendar is clicked” so I think I’ll have to request a refund … wasted 1.5 days on this, I thought it would come with clear/simple instructions but must say it’s the worst plugin I have tried in 2 years.

You’re looking in the wrong place… you’re looking under actions… it’s an event you want, not an action.

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Thanks @adamhholmes and @rpetribu I have found it and also realized what confused me. Basically I was right clicking on the calendar and trying to show a popup but I needed to go to workflows and add an event. This is obviously due to my lack of experience but I do feel the instructions could have explained this, maybe a dummy guide to setting up would have been good. Anyway, thanks guys for helping.

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Hi @darren.james7518, thanks for reaching out, and sorry for the inconveniences met during the plugin setup :pray:

From our side, we would like to add that for customers’ help we have a separate plugin page (Air Calendar) that includes:

If there will be any other questions that we can help with about our plugin, please let us know.

Have a great weekend!

Zeroqode Support Team