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πŸ“…[New Plugin] Air Calendar (FullCalendar)

From my developer:
i get this error anytime I try to switch the calendar view

Also, I have the default view set as dayGridWeek, however whenever, I preview the page it will always show timeGridWeek view.

Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks, Mark

Hi @mark20, thanks for your message.

We’re afraid that one screenshot would be not enough to identify the cause of the displayed error.
During the setup, we recommend using the plugin demo and editor pages, to follow examples of workable cases (including a change of calendar view).

Please pay attention to which view is indicated as the default one and which one is indicated as custom Screenshot by Lightshot

If after checking, the issue will persist, please share (here or in DM) screenshots with plugin element settings and related workflows.

Zeroqode Support Team

Hello, any one knows why sinse yesterday FULL CALENDAR shows all events 1 day after with wrong date? The events are correct in the database, but on FULL CALENDAR they are in the wrong day… Now the week starts on saturday and seems like a BUG.

Hi @webcondutor, thanks for your message.

Please check your plugin element settings (Calendar Settings compartment), there might be some setting that needs to be changed, namely:

If the setup is right and issue will persist, please share more screenshots with the plugin element setup.

Zeroqode Support Team

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport, is this plugin going to be upgraded to the new responsive engine soon?

hi @ZeroqodeSupport,

There is a bug regarding the β€œEvent Limit clicked” feature.

  1. If we leave that field empty (to define our own action), it still triggers the Popover one clicking.

  1. If using the popover, it cuts off once the popover has reached the bottom of the plugin element, with no way to scroll within it. Not sure if this is a limitation of the library, but if #1 above was addressed, then this limitation can be avoided by handling event limit clicked using our own action.



Hi @equibodyapp, thanks for your question.

Yes, the update to the new responsive is expected in the following days. Once it will come to live, we will let you know asap.

Hi @muneer.hameer, thanks for your message.

Please share (here or in DM) a screencast with the use case flow in a step-by-step mode, it will allow us to analyze the reported case better.

We will check this moment, to see what could be done in this regard.

Looking forward to your reply.

Zeroqode Support Team

Dear Bubblers & @equibodyapp
We have pushed a plugin update, that has upgraded the plugin to the new responsive engine :partying_face:.

To check changes, please upgrade your plugin to the latest version (Version 2.35.0: adapted to the new responsive engine) and give it a try.

Zeroqode Support Team