[New Plugin] AlaSQL -Modify JSON data with SQL queries!

How does it function? To filter, sort, and choose the information you require, just enter JSON data, and execute SQL-like queries.
No need for external databases or convoluted logic!


:sparkles: SQL queries on JSON-formatted data dynamic entry of data
:sparkles: Default queries and data for a fast demonstration
:sparkles: Handling errors intuitively
:sparkles: Capacity to alter data for presentation, manage user data, and evaluate metrics

Simple, adaptable, and cost-free! - Ideal for all skill levels!

Please share your thoughts with me and offer suggestions for future enhancements.

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This is a really great plugin.
Can it handle inserts and updates?
Or would you have to use the make changes action?

Hi, I really appreciate your feedback. To be honest, I didn’t fully grasp your question, but if I read it right, Changes and updates are made solely through action