New Plugin Alert - Cognate: Sort repeating group with set state values without losing data

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to let you know I published a plugin called Cognate to the marketplace that allows you to sort repeating groups with set state fields without losing their values AND also allows you to sort your repeating groups BY your set state values without saving to the data base.

Here’s the demo link so you can check it out in action:

Editor: Cognate-demo | Bubble Editor

Setup Reference Pdf: Dropbox - Cognate User Instructions.pdf - Simplify your life

Marketplace page: Cognate - sort RG by set state Plugin | Bubble

The cost: $6/mo or $30/one time

Please let me know if you guys have any questions or feedback to improve the plugin. I’m open to suggestions. I hope this helps a few people. I know its something I’ve had to workaround until I figured out how to make it happen in a seamless way.

Happy Building!


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