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[New plugin] 🔒 Auth0 integration

This is huge!


What advantage is there to creating an email based bubble user (real, or fake) yourself like that. Instead of using auth0 as a bubble social signon ? i.e. so the bubble user is the auth0 sub.

Hi @NigelG,
Thanks for your interest. Actually Auth0 is not listed as a login service of the “Signup/login with a social service” so I don’t see how do you use :

auth0 as a bubble social signon

Can you give me some more detail ?

What I read from the docs is similar to what is being set up here :

When a user signs up with a social network (Facebook) in Bubble, a new user is created in the database, similarly to a traditional sign up flow with email and password. The main difference is that the way to login for the user, once logged out, will not be by entering his password (since he didn’t define one), but by logging in with Facebook

Thanks !

Yes, that is the one.

If you use the AUTH0 OAUTH signup in Bubble as a “sign up with a social network” Bubble should just create a user for you (the id is in fact the auth0 sub).

I wondered why the plugin suggests using “create a user for someone else” and using a temp password instead of the standard social signup ?

Can you provide a demo / a screenshot of what you are suggesting ?


I think should make life easier for you.

Great idea for a plugin, auth0 is awesome (if super complicated at times).

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Does Auth0 give the app access to the access tokens for use in workflow without the user being logged in? I like the idea of a simplified authentication process, but my app does a lot of checking/receiving of data while the user isn’t logged in and I need to be able to run API workflows with the access tokens.

Hey Keith,

I did some testing using the plugin this morning and was able to get a LinkedIn token which I used in an api call to get the profile, so that’s a start. Next up is to explore where the token refresh is handled.

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Hi Keith,
The plugin does not provide yet refresh tokens for Auth0, so it’s impossible for now to get access to the provider API (like google API) when offline.
It’s a great idea though !
I will look into it but it’s likely to take some time because of choices I made to give a faster UX to the login process (I used a simpler auth flow rather than the classical login flow). I will at the same time look into @NigelG great suggestion to see how it may fit in the plugin and help regarding this matter. Thanks a lot Nigel for the printscreens !! I had no idea that the Authentification dropdown was helpful here :thinking:

If someone from the Bubble team is reading here: documentation for plugin builders could benefit of some improvements…

I followed the plugin setup steps, but perhaps I’m missing an important part. The plugin or perhaps Bubble itself is throwing the following errors in the console.

Error - Element index - Please include an email
x5:formatted:18056 Workflow failed: Please include an email
x5:formatted:4349 Error - Action Auth0 - server verification - Please include an email
x5:formatted:4349 Error - Element index - Please include an email

Hi michael, i just answered your email, let’s sort this out and we will post here the details about resolution of your issue :slight_smile:

Hello @NigelG I’ve tried API Connector - Auth0 as you did bump its I cannot request token properly e.g screenshot.
Any idea? thx

I had wrong app secret setup :sweat_smile:its now working with the following settings


Nice :slight_smile:

Tips : Instead of User ID key path you can use email instead of sub
If an user auth0 with google or email (same email) it will return existing user instead of creating a new one


I’m running into an issue with this plugin because I cannot pass a logout URL to Auth0.
This is way Auth0 always redirects back to the same page when Logging in and after Logout.
Did anyone manage to detect in Bubble when the users actually logged out?

Hi Louis,
There is at the moment no parameter for a logout redirect Url and it seems to be missing. I will add this functionality to the plugin by the end of the week.
Can you confirm that you are using the SingleLogout action ?

Can a Bubble app be turned into a OAuth Server (not client like normally) and issue access tokens to other systems using Auth0?

Hey there! This plugin is really awesome. Just one thing. Whenever I start a workflow for Auth0 login, the following popup appears. Is there a way in which this image doesn’t appear? Thanks!

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This behavior is quite new, it wasn’t behaving like this a few months ago. I guess a Bubble update created it… I will look more into it to see if we can prevent this window to display.