[New plugin] 🔒 Auth0 integration

Hi @vparpoil. I’m wondering if you think your plugin could work when trying to use Webflow for the front end and Bubble for the backend. Could users login via a form in Webflow which would trigger a backend workflow in Bubble to create a user in the database? If so, what would that setup look like? You’re talking to a true no-coder. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @rmjjkj1 ,
If you use another front end for your app (like Webflow), you need to create the same kind of events on your app :

  • Create a button that redirect to Auth0 login page => for this you cannot use the workflow called Auth0 - Redirect to Login page, you will need to implement it again on your front-end, and build the Auth0 URL yourself
  • When clicking the button, the user is redirected to Auth0 and logs in (this is outside your app), then he is redirected back to your app with a special route containing an access_token
  • When the frontend detects a route with access_token inside, trigger the Bubble workflow Auth0 - server verification and then create an account for the user and log the user in

Please have a look at the demo here https://plugin-auth0-demo.bubbleapps.io/ for more details on the workflows
I am not sure this will work and I don’t know Webflow’s capabilities and integration with Bubble.

@vparpoil Thank you for taking the time to explain. It sounds difficult for a no-coder. I’m just now beginning to learn api’s so this seems way above my current understanding.

@vparpoil Hi!, I have a current applications with a few thousands of users and I want to use SSO with Auth0 to allow them to log in to another bubble application with the same user. Do I need to import the users data base to Auth0 to make this work? or can I connect Auth0 with my bubble database?
Finally, I wander why we need to change the password every time a user log in using the plugin.

Hi @christiamdc ,
I think you will need to import your users to auth0, but I’m unsure of the feasability of such a migration. Auth0 is (in my opinion) a good tool to implement SSO.

We need to change the password because there is no other way (that I know) to log in the user in bubble than to make a temp password and log him in with this password.

Hey @vparpoil ,

I have a problem with the plugin.

When a user is logged in with Auth0, he can only access the index page.
On every other page one gets redirected immediately.

When a user is logged in without Auth0 or is logged out it works.

I tried a lot in Auth0 and Bubble, but can’t find a solution.
Any ideas?

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This is the first time I am seeing this kind of behavior. I sent you a PM so you can give me more details.

Hey @vparpoil

Everything was going great (thanks for the great plugin) although when Auth0 is routing the user back to Bubble I get the following error:

{“statusCode”:400,“body”:{“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“Missing state from oauth provider”}}

Any idea why this could be? I’ve followed your instructions one by one


Hi folks,

anyone suddenly having issues with this plugin? I hadn’t pushed any updates on my end in either bubble or auth0 configuration and suddenly, it no longer redirects to the correct page once a user is authorized, it brings them back to the initial page (and thus never logs the user in on bubble).

Seems to have started happening no where this morning and haven’t able to figure out why it’s happening yet! Any insight would be appreciated!

Ok doing a bit more digging and when I run in debug mode, step by step, starting at the page it should be redirected to, with an access token in the url, it works well.

When I do this run through on step-by-step, it consistently stops on “Auth0 - server verification” when I click next for atleast 5 seconds and then moves on.

When I run it at normal speed it redirects directly to the original log-in page. So my guess is that there’s an issue with the redirect or the time to do the verification or both?

Hi @vparpoil appreciate the amazing work with the plugin.

I have a question regarding to reset password.

Is there any action or documented process on how to allow a user to reset their auth0 password from bubble?

Hi @vithu ,
Sorry for the long time responding your message, I was off for the last weeks.
Can you double check the demo and how it works and compare to your app ? The demo is still working as expected, so the issue seems to be on your side.

Hi @learkn ,
So far there is no direct reset password ability built-in the plugin. It seems doable, I will look into in the following weeks.

Hi Victor,

No worries for the delay. After spending a bunch of time trying to debug, I couldn’t see what change had caused it to suddenly stop working. I ended up just reconnecting everything from scratch and it started to working again! Thanks for the follow up.

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Hi Victor,

If using email/password and you have 3 Bubble apps you want Users to use the same Auth O on - do you put the same Auth O application details in all 3 Bubble apps? And then just ensure the necessary redirect urls of all 3 apps are in the one Auth O application redirect url fields?

Thanks, Jess

Thanks for this plugin. Setting up the core login, logout functionality was really simple. I have a few queries though now it is set up.

  1. Is there a way to request further user meta data info during the signup flow such as first and last name etc or does this logic need to be handled through the Bubble app.

  2. How would a user change their email?

Hi Jess,
This is exactly the way to go !

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Hi Andy,
Thank you for your feedback !

1 - For additional info about the user, it is usually handled in the Bubble app itself

2 - This is not a simple use case at all. Here is the official Auth0 answer : it is doable but quite complex and Auth0 doesn’t provide this functionality out of the box, you need to bundle it yourself using other of their tooling. Do you anticipate a lot of users wanting to change their login email ? A lot of apps don’t allow email modification, and some ask for a contact email to be used for communication in place of the login email.

Hello @vparpoil

This looks like a superb plugging and also really appreciate your work in bringing this to life.

  1. I’m looking at purchasing this next week. I’m just wondering if it is possible to just have the 3rd party options to login available to my users who want to log in or sign up.
    I do not really want any of my users which sign up to my bubble app to store passwords with it. I would rather the users just sign up with their social media accounts or existing work accounts like Microsoft 365 ect.

Is this possible and a viable option?

  1. Also do you know if it’s possible to have the option for uses to choose two Factor authentication and have a text message sent to them. I’m just wondering if this is built into your pluggin.

Anyway have a happy weekend and hopefully have a reply soon.

Kind regards

Hi @timgarrett111 ,
Sorry for the delay in answering.
1 - you can setup auth0 to disable database authentification and only allow third party identity providers
2 - Auth0 provide multi factor auth : Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) I haven’t tested myself, but it should work with the plugin. Let us know what happens when you test it :slight_smile:

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