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[New Plugin] bdk RepeatingGroup tools


“Anchor to bottom” works fine here, but it doesn’t seem to work in a reusable element (in my case : a page header).

Is it a known issue ?

I’m building a chat message, integrated in my Header. I tried both placing the element on the chat Group Focus, and simply on the header, but none are working.



That’s ok, it didn’t work because I was placing the element in a group (which is inside the Group Focus, and is containing the aimed RG).

Now I simply placed it on the Group Focus (on its “roots”), and everything is fine.

Thank you,


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Hi @jon5,
All types of questions are welcome on the forum! :slight_smile:
So I think you probably have mismatching names in the RGData and RGExtractor elements. Do check out the plugin editor, demo and documentation and you’ll be able to easily compare your setup with these.

Hi @gaurav!

How would I extract a list of numbers from each cell? I can’t seem to get it to work.

Hi @telaholcomb,
The extracted list from the RGExtractor element will be the output of RGData element (column 1 list, 2 list etc.). From the screenshot it appears you are using the RGData output back inside the cell to extractor, which will basically create a never ending circular loop.

Recommend comparing your setup with the demo editor here + take a look at the video in documentation. In case you can’t figure it out, DM me and I can help out.

Cheers & Stay safe,

I actually have two sets of RGExtractor/RGData elements on the page. This Input contains data output from the first set (RGExtractor Y / RGData Y) with RGExtractor F and RGData F attempting to turn that into a list that I can now count. I’ll DM you a video and link to editor for a better view.

Wow! The anchor to bottom feature is absolutely perfect for a chat use case, will try it out. Thanks!

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Sounds good :+1:

Love the plugin (and native bdk)! I’ve used it a ton already in a bunch of my apps.

I am running into one error though. When I use it inside of a nested repeating group I get this error:

I am unable to refresh the RGdata list for when I change the data source for the repeating Group. Errors galore.

Nevermind! It was my bad. I didn’t know that the dynamic names in repeating groups couldn’t change… altered it to the cell’s index and voila!

Thanks for the great plugin!

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I’m also getting this error:

a[email protected]_bdk-RepeatingGroup-Tools-element_action–RG-data-Refresh-list-.js:8:9
run/</</</<@ (please report this to the plugin author)

any ideas?

Can you verify that the element is visible (bubble plugin element actions don’t run on elements that haven’t been made visible). If you still see the issue please DM me the link to editor of your app & page url in the chat here and I can take a look

Hi, we’re using this plugin in our project. Works great! I’d also like to apply a filter to search the database where the user can select three options of the same type, like ingredients, in three different dropdowns. Within Bubble I can add three constraints in my search that all search the same field but referencing their own dropdowns. Right now, Bubble’s search only shows results that match ALL selected dropdowns. Can your plugin be used to show results that contain ANY selections in the three dropdowns?

Hi @gaurav ,

Great plugin!

I’m not sure whether this plugin can solve the problem that I’m facing. Although I tried Anchor to Bottom but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

My problem is I’m having a blank screen at the bottom, you can see in the video.

I’m using a floating group as the parent and then a group which is greater than the height of the floating group + HTML element for overflowing the group. Inside the group I’m using a Repeating Group for rewards history.

Please let me know how to resolve this.


Hi @fitnet

Thank you for the feedback :smiley:

From the video and screenshots it appears the space you see isn’t actually coming from the repeating group but rather some other thing that appears above it. This plugin won’t be able to address this obviously since its a issue unrelated to the repeating group.

I recommend checking the responsive tab / using the debug mode’s responsive view in browser environment to see which group of yours is that blank space.



I recently purchased this plugin and it solved my sub-totaling of an invoice issue OUTSIDE of my repeating group. BUT it holds the total if I completely remove an item from the list.

My apps estimating engine is setup as follows.

  1. I have a series of multiselect dropdown menus from which I choose my materials to be used for the project.
  2. I click a submit materials button after selecting materials from each group that that packages all the materials ids into a list of numbers and passes to the db. This submit materials button workflow then populates a repeating group.
  3. I can input the qty of each material into materials cell, it calculates the total for said material based on the materials unit price by the qty typed in the input and is now totaling up the materials totals OUTSIDE of the RG thanks to this pulgin!

The problem is apparent when I completely remove an item from the repeating group. The Material sub-total continues to hold the value of the material removed. My removal process is as follows:

  1. Remove the tags of undesired materials from the series of multiselect dropdown and press an update materials button which SETS (replaces) the list in the db to the new list of selections.
  2. When the workflow reloads the RG the sub-total holds onto the value of the removed item(s).

Is there a way to refresh the RGextractor and/or RGdata elements to update to the list of materials?

Thanks in advance…BIll


I am having issues using the update feature. Here is the editor and workflow

when the screen loads, there is no problem transmitting data

but when i click the button i get an error.

any ideas on this one? i am having issues with auto updating when the new list is shorter than the previous. the old values are overwritten but any old values that cant be overwritten because the new list is shorter than the previous are left as is. in essence the list never gets shorter, the values just change

The above video highlights why I started down this path of trying to update the list in the first place. I am populating a repeating group based on a conditional from a drop down in the video you’ll see that I choose a name from the drop-down and that populates data into the repeating group below. That date as extracted into the data extractor and I display in the RG to the right. And then you can see that data match I’m looking at the achievement way. The number of values in the repeating group to the right equal the number of values in the repeating group on the left. The issue is when I changed the name in the drop-down the number of cells in the first repeating group changes however the number of items being represented in the data extractor don’t change with the repeating group that it represents. This results in inaccurate or extra values in the extract the data list

I have made an example Demo


i have come up with a workaround.

I have 1 entry in my DB in which all fields are null

i then populate the RG with that entry, pause 200ms, then populate the RG with the new list. this is working for now but not ideal as it causes a slight delay.

Hi @gaurav been loving the plugin! I am having an issue though…

Basically I have a list of customers (as a repeating group) and within it a second repeating group for those customers commissions (that are calculated by an external API call). My goal was to be able to show a total commission amount for each customer.

The way I set this up is adding an extractor to the inner repeating group (commissions) and the RG data to the outer repeating group. To avoid conflicts with other customers, I set the extractor name as the customer’s ID (which is an information that also included on each commission line in the inner RG).

Initially all works perfectly well and the totals are perfectly calculated. The problem is when the list is refreshed (ie. I change the date range from which the commissions are pulled). Then the totals are incorrectly updated. (see below)

The way I’ve setup the inner RG extractor name is as follows:

Seems like there is an issue when the outer/inner RGs refresh. Can you help me please?


What does the issue seem like? Have you tried to print the list from the data extractor to a label and compared it with the data you expect to be there after an update?

Thanks jared, that is a good idea.

I’ve printed what the extractor and data show and apparently the extractor name is correct (first row of blue numbers). Only the pulled column data seems to be mismatched.


Also looks like I get a few initialization errors that could explain the issue. Bear in mind that no RG is hidden at any point. The only change is the data source as the user changes to new dates.