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[New Plugin] bdk RepeatingGroup tools

Ok, I think I got it fixed… my mistake was using a Dynamic Extractor name that used the customer’s ID instead of using the cell’s index.

Solution was to create an Input in the outer RG (set input as integer) containing the parent cell index as the extractor name (I suggest adding some text to make it unique “OuterRG + CellIndexValue”).

Then change your Extractor name on both the inner and outer RGs to this dynamic name. Reload is now working perfectly.

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Hi @gaurav ,

I have purchased your plugin and having some trouble with a simple setup.

Here’s my initial repeating group

Essentially, it’s showing a user’s list of their client’s invoices, and an input box to enter the email address for each client.

The actual setup is done via a popup box, but have done it on a test page, for easier illustration.

Once the user enters the email, they will click Save, and move on to another series of steps, and finally at the final step, I want to provide a confirmation screen of sorts, with the values they entered in the first step (as per the screenshot above) but it doesn’t seem to be working.

In the below image, I’m trying to load the confirmation screen but it comes up as blank

Any ideas on how to achieve this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @gaurav , any update on this?

Hi @gaurav how do I change the delimiter?

Does anyone know how I can get it to compile the first item in each list?

This gets me the first item

I’ve since removed the 1 from the extractor name. This screenshot was before.

BUT the RGdata element still gives me the full list.

I need Column 1 to be the first number in every list, Column 2 to be the second number, etc.

@gaurav I’m trying to extract an option set value. I can make it work sending the display, but I want to send the actual option set. Is this i possible? This sends nothing even if the group has a option set value:

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 18.39.50

It’s like when you forget to add the “'s value” to a standard input.

Thanks, Peter

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I’d like this option too. I was unable to get this worked work. Any input here @gaurav ?

Or how about the ability to truly clear the list when updating an rgs data source

Hey @gaurav ! Great plugin. One question: It seems that the refresh action is dependent on where the element is placed on the page (i.e. how deeply nested) - would it be possible to have this action always enabled? Thanks!

Ok I give up - this is not demonstrated in the Editor help page - how do I save an item from the generated list back to the thing in the repeating group? Eg. I get the input values from the repeating group and I want to save each value back to its thing. I’m using schedule on a list to add values to the list but if I use ‘RG Data A’s Column 1 list’ then the whole list of values is obviously saved to that thing instead of only its value.

Hi @gaurav - unless I’m doing something wrong I’m assuming the Extract data from Repeating Groups tool does not work if the RG is paginated?

For example I have an RG that shows 10 rows per page and has a total of 400 rows (I’m using List Shifter to handle the pagination).

One of the RG cells has a calculated field and I tried using the Extract Data tool to do a calculation on those cells but the results are only for the 10 rows on page 1.

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It only works on visible rows. You could hide a RG. Set it to 1X1 pixel. Place it at the top of the screen at y-value -1 or a -1 margin

Set the RG to be full list.

Don’t have any items in the RG other than the data transmitter.


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Thanks Jared. I’ll let play around and see if there’s another way as that sounds a bit ugly. Will reach out to you if I get stuck.

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Did you figure out how to do what you were trying to do? I’m trying to do something similar.

Did you figure out how to do this? I’m trying to do something similar.

Hi Gaurav, I am using your util PDK with easylist. I have a naive question. How can I reset the easylist? there are options to add, set to initial input, etc, but I need a way to reset the easylist to all zero’s.

appreciate your response.