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[New Plugin] Bdk Text Editor

Hello Bubblers,

We have a new addition to the Bubble Developer Kit :smiley:

Bdk Text Editor: A better & rich text editor for your users to create content that includes formatting, alignment, embedded links, images and videos among other things.

Also includes an ‘Air mode’ for a very visually appealing inline toolbar. Enable your users to create content just like LinkedIn, Slack, Salesforce and Vox media.

Priced the same as all plugins in the Bubble Developer Kit at $4/month.

Happy Bubbling!


Does it allow pasting images from clipboard?

Hmm haven’t tried it out yet. Wanna try it in the demo? If not, I will at it to feature requests :smiley:

Just tried. Trying to paste an image (like you can on Bubble forum) doesn’t work.

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Also adding the ability to @tag from a specified table(s) would be nice. :wink:



Noted both feature requests here :slight_smile:

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Can we define a min-height? I would like the editor text to show about 5 rows.

This is how it shows on load.

I would like it to look like this.


Good point. I’ll add this to the list and prioritize it :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this plugin, @gaurav! :smiley: Is there a way that I can set the text editor’s font to be one of my app’s custom fonts? Or if not directly in the text editor, do you know how I could change the font to my app’s custom font in the HTML element? I tried a few things but can’t seem to get it. No worries if not!

Hi @fayewatson,
I’ll look into adding more fonts :smiley: added it in the feature request section. Any specific one you’re interested in?

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Thank you so much! :smiley: The font I have is called “Averta” (It’s a paid font though so it may not be possible to add)?

Nice new features! thanks.

Feature update complete:
Added Auto-grow mode. Upgrade the plugin :smiley:


So there are 2 use cases here:

  1. Pasting an image which resides on a existing server. E.g. Go to google, search for a image and copy image.
  2. Pasting an image which is not stored anywhere. E.g. your taking a screenshot from your desktop. This requires uploading image to a server e.g. your bubble app or a s3 bucket

The first one is already supported. Try it out :smiley:

The second one is tricky since currently you cant directly upload stuff to your bubble app aws bucket. I’ll look into ways for working around this


Yeah, use case 2 is the one I would need. Thanks for trying to support it!

@gaurav is it possible to have the read-only mode not show the editor menu? I could workaround the limitation if I was able to set “air mode” in workflow.

Instead of this read-only mode:

I would like this as the read-only mode (this is how the system shows in “air mode”):

You can turn on the read only and air mode both simultaneously. That’s what you’re looking for

I meant through an action. There’s only “toggle read-only mode” in the workflow actions.

I want a person to be able to click a button to switch from “read-only” to “edit mode”. If I have “air mode” pre-selected, then when I trigger the “toggle read-only” from true to false, I do not see the editor menu, so I need a way to turn on/off air mode at the same time.


@gaurav I am having trouble setting the initial content. I tried to do it through a workflow and through the Texteditors option to set it and it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas what I should do?

Screenshots of what I did:
First I tried this:

Then deleted the above and tried this in a workflow:

**Got the solution to my question above: I was passing HTML content into Rich Content. So it didn’t display. Changed it to HTML and it works.