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[New Plugin] Bdk Text Editor

@gaurav first, thanks for this plugin and the others from bdk family. Super helpful.

Realistically, can we expect the auto-binding feature in the near future? I ask that because for my use case, the do-when trick won’t work, since my editor is on a repeating group.


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Hi @leehaber,
That message means bubble failed to load the library. Probably refreshing cache of your page should fix the issue.

Hi @letsexecute,
Great point. I built the autobinding feature and I have reason to believe the provided capability to plugin developers has bugs. So scrapped that but built something else (which I think maybe actually more flexible). Details in post below

BDK Text Editor [Plugin Update] Sep 16, 2020

  1. Added ‘content is changed’ event trigger.
  • This action runs every time the content is changed. You can use it to perform autobinding like features or anything of your choice. The demo 1 is also updated to test this.
  1. Added ‘has gained focus’ and ‘has lost focus’ event triggers.
  • These actions run every time the editor is focused in / focused out of. You can use it to perform save data when tabbed out, show cool messages etc. of your choice.
  • Personally I think this is more useful than autobinding, as it doesn’t run saving action on every character add/remove but rather when user is done typing and moves off the editor. Much more performant.
    The demo 2 is also updated to test this.
  1. Added a #,@,/ dropdown default positioning. If set to top, the tags dropdown opens to top if there’s enough space. If there isn’t enough space then it opens to bottom. The default setting is bottom

You can upgrade the plugin to latest version to use these features.


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Hi @gaurav I’ve been watching your updates to this plugin for a long time with interest, but I haven’t been able to use this in production due to what I think is a bug that I can’t find a way to avoid.

Some things available in the editor don’t seem to work - on the demo page or on apps I’ve built testing the plugin. For instance, try the public demo on the Blog example and edit a blog, add a photo, right or center align the photo using the popup tools, then save and reload the Blog. The image alignment is always lost when loading content.

The same image alignment bug applies if you try to edit the first RTE on the demo page and change the alignment of the blue rectangular logo. But on that one I wasn’t sure if saving was enabled, so in addition to testing it in the Blog feature, I set up a test app and tried everything I could, but the image alignment still seems to be lost upon save.

I can’t roll out features that don’t work, and since there’s no way to hide the ability to edit image alignment it would be a bad experience for my users. I also had issues with the page jumping around a lot when I type, making it really unpleasant as a user.

I also think it would help to have more information about how to implement and use the plugin. Setup and use may be extremely, but step by step instructions would be helpful detailing how and when element actions to reload content are necessary (such as on a repeating group - I had some issues with that and when I emailed you, you linked to your notion page of help but it doesn’t really contain much info about how to actually use the plugin.)

I hope this info is helpful, but if you need more info to track down the items I’m mentioning, just let me know. There don’t seem to be many RTEs worth using on Bubble at the moment and I think if you were able to really refine and polish this plugin it would become essential for many. Bubble seems to be struggling with their own RTE beta, so maybe a rock solid, customizable RTE is just one of those things that isn’t possible with the current plugin architecture, but I hope that isn’t the case as it seems to me you’re 97% of the way there :slight_smile:

Hi Gaurav,

We have the editor in HTML mode - so just wondering when you select Text size i.e. Normal, H1, H2 where does it draw these size from? It doesn’t appear to be from Bubble styles?


Hey @gaurav,

Thanks for the updates!

When using the editor in air mode, and using the lost focus feature, it seems as though clicking certain items on the toolbar (airmode toolbar) bring the editor out of focus. So it renders certain toolbar features useless at the moment. Specifically I can’t add a link.

In the case for us, when the editor isn’t focused, we toggle the editor to read-only so that you’re able to click any links in the editor and open them. Currently in airmode, this won’t work unless it’s read only.


It seems as though some markdown is supported in the editor. Is there a way to turn on all Quill supported markdown?


Yep this is because of inlining the HTML while doesn’t allow image alignements. This also causes the focus issues mentioned in your and later posts. I guess I will have to get rid of this feature. Will work on polishing the plugin, while hopefully giving existing setups an easy way to switch out of inlined html.

Hopefully I’ll get to 100% :smiley:

Hi @simon, those are from Quill’s library

Yep the inlining html feature mentioned above causes this effect on this use case :frowning:

Hmm I’ll look into it. Thing is adding the inline html was painful, and now its just causing these issues. I wanna make sure I fix that existing format before adding support for a full-fledged markdown format

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Hey @mark and @gaurav,

I was wondering if you had an answer on number 2 here?

I’m really hopeful of getting the hashtags working in a similar way to Instagram where the user can either select from a dropdown if the letters are matching while typing the hashtag. Otherwise if it doesn’t match, the user then just creates that tag which goes into the database - searchable by others then.

Is that possible or have you found a way to get around this?


@gaurav have you noticed any issues with the BDK rich text editor not showing up on the first visit of a page and only upon a page refresh?

Hi @nickhutton13,
That’s how it works already no… it just filters out the ‘as you type’ from the data source.
The second part - ‘if it doesn’t match then the user just creates that tag’… that’s not supported.
Note that the first part would work fine only for like a limited number of data source… If you have tens of thousands of users then you shouldn’t provide that many as a list in the data source since bubble would take tons of time to pull the data. In that scenario you’re better off using a paid service like Algolia for speed.

Hi @joe5,
Nope haven’t seen that. But I did have one customer who added bubble’s RTE on the page and it broke the library loading of BDK rich text editor. I’m not sure if its the same issue you’re facing. A quick check would be to look in the browser console and see if you get message like ‘module is not available. Have you registered it?’ or ‘Quill is not defined’

@gaurav Can we add a custom tag? We’d like to use a cashtag ($) for stock symbols instead of a hashtag.

@gaurav Thanks for an amazing plugin! Saving me right now!!
Question: on click of a mention I’m able to redirect my users (in my case to the mentioned user’s profile page on my site) by having a “link to profile” field in my user database - but can I adjust something to get that click on link to not open in a new tab but rather in the same active window?

Thanks in advance!

How to purchase? The link is disabled

Any updates on the jumping action? We’re experiencing this as well.

Hello @gaurav. is the image uploaded is responsive? when i tried its not showing responsive. what should be the problem?