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[New Plugin] Bdk Utilities

Hi @adunniola,
Anything you can create an expression for inside the repeating group cell can be extracted :smiley:
For instance if you have a hidden multiline input in the cell, and set the initial content of it to whatever text you’d like extracted (no restrictions; even conditional formatting can be used). Just provide the value of this multiple input as one of the things to the extractor and you’re all set.


Hi @gaurav ,
Do you have any news regarding the “remove item from list” function for Easylist?

Hello @gaurav!

I ran into an issue with nested cycles using Listprocessor.

I am working on a project management app. In my data structure I have an entity called Factors (e.g. vacation, tech problem, knowledge gap), each one of these Factors has a number of different Impacts (e.g. delays the project, reduces capacity, etc.).

For all Factors that belong to a certain stage of a project I need to make a change to each Impact depending on the Factor it belongs to. So I want to do something like:

for each Factor 

for each Impact
if the Factor of the current Impact = current Factor then do X;

For that I have created 2 Listprocessor elements and a state:

  • Listprocessor_Factors launches the outer loop. It sets the State_Factor with the current Factor and triggers Listprocessor_Impacts for the list of Impacts that belong to the given project stage.

  • Listprocessor_Impacts is expected to trigger the inner loop and go over all the Impacts in the list. However that does not happen: once the “if” condition is false, the inner loop is stopped and the next iteration of the outer loop proceeds.

That’s how it looks like

Set State:

Trigger Inner loop:

Outer loop goes on for the complete list of Factors, however the inner loop is interrupted once the “Only when” condition is false:

There is correct data in both Factors and Impacts lists.

Could you advise what I am doing wrong here?