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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

Hi Thimo,
Something weird happened when I updated my plugin to 5.5.0 following your update of yesterday.
The radial chart I used on my dashboard just lost its alignment.
I used to have ‘20’ in ‘Y axis offset’ in order to center it vertically but since yesterday’s update I can’t make it centered anymore (or it could be one of the past 3 updates … I think yesterday when I updated to 5.5.0 I moved up 3 or 4 updates at once).
Basically if I leave ‘Y axis offset’ empty, it’s aligned towards the top:

And then whatever I put in the ‘Y axis offset’, it aligns to the bottom (i’ve tried anything from -100, to -10, -1, 1, 10, 20, 100 etc…), whatever I put in that field I get the below result:

Any idea?
(FYI - all paddings are at 0)

Thanks a lot!

@Raceto9 I will send you a PM se we can take a better look!

Just to confirm for everybody else in the forum the problem was fixed with version 5.5.1.
Again Thimo, thanks a lot for the great support! fixed my issue within 30min!!

:+1: :+1:

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Hi @Thimo!

This plug-in is incredible!

My team and I have a question regarding gathering the most updated data from our app data section in order to display the most recent results. Specifically, this is for a donut chart. Below is a screenshot of what we have at the moment for our series data:


and this is our data from our app data:

How can we adjust the series data to show the most recent amounts per category by modified date?

Hi @esv218, great to hear that you like the plugin!

Looking at your category data, it seems that you are using a grouping. Make sure you are also using this exact grouping for the series data. Inside this grouping you can create an aggregation which will be used as series data.

The donut chart on the demo page also uses a grouping which you can use as an example. It uses the aggregation ‘count’:
2020-12-05 om 12.06.18 2020-12-05 om 12.06.05

You can take a look at the editor here:

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

Update 5.6.0

Added the option to specify the vertical offset for the X-axis labels!

Hi @Thimo, your plugin looks very sexy. Looking fwd to using it.

Question, can your line or area charts currently support a secondary Y-axis (two different sets of Y-axis data with two different scales) ? I looked for it in the your demo editor but didn’t see anything about secondary Y-axis. If not, any plan to add it in the short term?

Thanks in advance and have a great night/day.

Hi @kl1!

I have looked into adding support for multiple Y-axis, but it was way more complex than I initially thought. I will definitely see if there is something I have missed to maybe implement this in future updates :slight_smile:

@Thimo is there a way to make your Label text box wider? I have very long label names on my Y axis (i.e. questions - “Letting go of production-oriented work to lead others”) - these questions are then scored 1-5.

the problem I’m running into, is I can’t find a way to get the text width wide enough to accommodate my long data label.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

@tracy.colin.smith I will look into if I can provide the option to manually adjust the size of this text box! :slight_smile: Maybe you could find a way to use a shorter text for now.

Hi @Thimo this plugin is beautiful – and one I’ve been hoping for for a long time, thank you!
Question re: Scatterchart. I know you’ve said that the tooltip doesn’t currently support being able to include the name for that data point (not the series) in the tooltip. Do you know of workarounds that others use to display details from the database about a selected item?

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Hi @p11, great to hear that you are enjoying the plugin! If I understand you correctly, you want to show other data on the tooltip regarding a certain data point. This is at the moment not possible, but I am looking into the possibility of letting you specify custom tooltips using Bubble elements. Hopefully I can include that in future updates for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much @Thimo – exactly right. As a workaround, what I am trying to do is to select a scatterpoint data point and then use a workflow to say refresh a specific group or repeating group with that data point’s details.

Hey @Thimo ,

loving the experience on this plugin so far. some users (I believe using internet explorer) cant load the charts. Is this is a bug?

Hi @amna I will send you a PM so we can take a better look :slight_smile:

Update 5.7.0

1 - Improved label width (X-axis).

2 - Added min and max X-axis properties for the candlestick chart.

3 - Added the possibility to use a Bubble group as a custom tooltip for all charts (except radar). This allows in combination with the hover states for full customised tooltips! I also added more hover state properties to show on the custom tooltip.


Thank you @Thimo for the fast response. Looking fwd to you finding a way to add multiple y-axis.


Hey @thimo, I must be missing something, but my treemap just doesn’t render. I have the correct data formats and am using the same grouping for both axes and no errors are shown by Bubble; but it still doesn’t appear.

I’ve confirmed using a repeating group that the expression I’m using is accurate too.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

I will send you a PM so we can take a better look at the problem you are having!

The addition of custom tooltips is a huge deal for me, thank you, Thimo! I was wondering if anyone has an example of that in a public editor? I’d love to see how the workflows get triggered based on hovering of a Data Point. Thank you!