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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

so i get it in week number. so week 26 would be just 26. I would like to be able to add “Week” + Week Number.

Also if it was possible to just the actual week in the month, example Week 1, week 2, etc. Right now its counting all the weeks of the year even when im looking at data for just a month.

HI @Thimo i have been working with Apex charts and seems to work fine when using text items as the X axis (group by). However a lot of my data is contained within Options Sets. I have tried multuple times , but Apex charts doesnt seem to work with Option Set Display item (which is a text)? But it doesnt render a chart when using that - any way around it?

Inside the formatter, you can just add ‘Week’ before your formatter keywords to show the a word before (in your case) the week number. Did you already try that?

I actually use options sets with the charts quite often without a problem. I have created a demo for you to see it working:

Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo

Can’t remember if I reported this bug before.


The chart still draws a line when the value is zero. What’s worse is it draws on top of the green bar where it should be at the bottom of the green bar.

Is it possible to look into this?

@hello.plannwin I will send you a PM so I can give you more information about this issue! :slight_smile:

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Update 6.36.0 & 6.36.1

Added the feature to select the number of data points to use as forecast values! This feature is available for the line and area charts and will style the selected data points differently to indicate forecast values:

2021-08-02 om 22.38.12

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading!

Monochrome dynamic colors on the pie chart do not work, tried with both values containing # and not containing #

This is currently holding up a clients project, could you please take a peak into your code🙂

Hi @chris.williamson1996

Could you try to use RGBA colors instead of HEX colors? An RGBA color code looks like this for example: rgba(0, 0, 0, 1)

I will look into to support dynamic hex colors as well, but this should be a quick fix for now! :slight_smile:

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Hi there @thimo! I was curious about export resolution of a png. Is there any way to improve it? Also, is it possible to have it export with the same font as in the legend?

Thanks as always!

oops, i did not try that. I will do that. I also found that the data doesn’t download on mobile devices especially for apps wrapped with weview. error unknow protocol:Data

Hi! I have pushed an update (6.38.0) that greatly improves the PNG export quality! :slight_smile:

I have unfortunately no experience with weview so I am not sure what could cause this error. I think the best thing to do in this case is to reach out to weview and have them take a look what could cause this error. If you could share the outcome with me than I maybe could push some fixes to solve this issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update! Some of our charts still come through fuzzy (and with a different font). Do you have a recommendation for fonts that work well, if there’s a difference in functionality there?

Hi @dev13 Odd to se that some fonts are not working correctly. As this is a native ApexCharts feature, I will report this as a bug to the library owner. Could you let me know which charts still have a lower quality image? That way I can look into these charts to see if I can improve it :slight_smile:

Hi !

Great Plugin Thanks!
I wanted to know if it is possible to add a title next to the donut chart for each segment, like this :
Start-Up Nation Finder-2


Hi @tomerlan5!

The labels will be displayed on the legend and on the tooltip (see image below :slight_smile: ). Displaying these labels as data-labels on the chart itself is at this time not yet supported by the library at this time.

thanks Thimo!
Several more questions :slightly_smiling_face:
1: Is there any way to filter out groups that are not displayed on the chart from legacy?
2: My chart is getting to rather high number (millions, billions) is there anyway to format those into 2.4 B or 13M instead of 13,000,000?
3: Is there and option to create two y-axis as such:

Such that the line is aligned with the right y axis, and the bars are aligned with the left y axis


Hi, i got a problem. How to display empty value as zero?

I will try to explain: I have a list of numbers which i get by grouping by date and find a sum of each group(Aggregation = Sum). As a result i get list “, , , 39, 325, 150” (This comas is empty fields - “[empty], [empty], 39, 325, 150”)

My multiline chart start from third value. But i want to start a multiline chart from first with value = 0(not empty).
Tried to draw in the screenshot below :point_down:

How can i do it? I will be so pleased to get your answer :slight_smile:

I am unfortunately not sure if completely understand your question. Is it possible that you give me some more insight into this issue? :slight_smile:

You could use the ‘Simple list calculation’ element that comes with the plugin to divide your list of numbers by a high number to get a lower value. After that you could use the suffix option to add the B or Msuffix to the value on the chart (:slight_smile:

The mixed chart should support a 2nd Y-axis:

You could check the following checkbox for that inside the chart properties:

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Thanks, this is what i was looking for :grinning:

Hi, I am getting this really strange behaviour in my chart. The green profit line should be mostly 0 and one negative number but instead it seems to be mapping to the profit margin axis. It seems to work just fine in the Charts JS plugin