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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

Hey @Thimo
Is it possible to remove ellipses from x axis? I have been messing around with the settings for area chart but I don’t see a way for my graph labels to stop having the ellipses.

Hello @Thimo ,

Thanks again for your help.
We nearly get the result we espected, we just need one more things :

  • Is it possible to display only the x-axis legend on elements which are not empty ?

Note that we can do an aggregation for each 7 days or month for example because a user can have 2 data point with a value with an interval of one day and a 3rd point 1 month later.
In this example their is 4 value not empty the rest of data are filled with the option “Replace null/undifined with previous value”

This should help us make this looks great :

@lucasbennington Did you already try to play around with these two options:

This is not yet possible. You can decrease the tick amount on the X-axis (see image above) to have less ticks on the X-axis :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo,

Yes, I get this with those options, which is definitely better but the dates are not really accurate.
Is it a feature we can expect soon or is it complicated? :slight_smile:

@evodev I will look into this to see if it is supported by the library!

Update 6.44.0

Added a workflow action to the Gantt / Timeline chart to specify a specific zoom setting using workflow actions.

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading

change the tick count help it look less cluttered but the max height doesn’t seem to change anything, except if you set it very low it will hide the labels. Attached is a screenshot at max height 600
Screenshot 2022-02-10 134552

Could we use the label:trim: parameter as an option in the chart call? See documentation here

Seems that it will no longer append the “…”

Alternatively/additionally we could add the minHeight: parameter

I have added both parameters to the plugin in the updates (6.45.0 & 6.46.0) I just pushed. I am not 100% sure if turning of the ‘Trim’ parameter will fix your issue, but the label min height might! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Thimo :slight_smile:

Update 6.48.0

Added the ‘Do not refresh’ feature for all charts & greatly improved the re-render workflow action!

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading

It did very much, thank you!

I am having another issue. Is it possible to expose the y-axis label vertical offset parameter? In my current settings, the Y axis labels are 1px higher than the gridlines. It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo but very obvious on mobile displays. @Thimo
Screenshot 2022-02-23 122846

@lucasbennington I will have to look into that for you. You can for now hide the ticks on the axis to make it less noticeable till the update comes out! :slight_smile:

Hey mate I’m having trouble sending 4 different data types into the different axis of the radar chart, any pointers? Thanks

Not sure if I completely understand what you are trying to accomplish, I will send you a PM so we can take a closer look! :slight_smile:

Hey, any update on this? I don’t really want to hide the ticks as they look so good on the x-axis. See offset x/y values

Hi @Thimo !

Is it possible to sum or rest two (2) different list of numbers.
The objective would be to have the result plotted in a single line (in a line chart).

How would you do that?

I have tried to sum or rest the lists, in the same expression, but it does not allow me to do it.

I also tried: Series 1 Data - Series 2 Data = Series 3 Data ; also does not allow me to do it.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

@mfel.cruz For this use case I have created the list calculations element that comes with the plugin! Here is a demo: Chartpreview | Bubble Editor

It allows you to do up to 5 consecutive operations like addition, multiple, divide etc

Works great! :+1: