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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

@nick.tomic Yes you can use the color list field for this:

Just generate a list of colors for your data series separated by a comma. I have made a demo here: Chartpreview | Bubble Editor

Good afternoon, how are you?

I bought your plugin:
Advanced Gantt / Timeline Chart

I need to translate the label from days to “dias” in Portuguese and the month to Portuguese.
can you help me with this please

Hi @felipemnery

Right now the only language supported for the Gantt / Timeline Chart is English. I have looked into this and multiple locales are supported so I have put it on my list! I need to spend some time thinking about what the best way to implement this would be :slight_smile:


I am having troubles with setting the font on the Bar Chart element. I have set up Roboto, but it displays Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif instead. This issue only appears on the Bar Chart element. It works fine on the Area Chart element.

As you can see in the screenshot below the font looks pretty ugly particularly when having a rotation of -90:

For comparison, below is the screenshot of the Area Chart element. The latter correctly displays the Roboto font and looks much nicer:

Any idea on what’s the problem? Thanks!

One last question. Generally. do you suggest to tick on/off the “Do not refresh chart”? Does it affect the performance page if it remains disabled? I have used the re-render workflow to refresh the chart when changing conditions, but it wasn’t working as reliable as it keeping the “Do not refresh chart” disabled.

Double thanks!

Is does not really affect performance that much, it is more a preference. If it is uncheck, the chart will update when the data source gets changed (or, for example, the width of the element). If checked, this will not happen.

I just pushed a new version 6.83.0 that should fix this issue! :slight_smile:

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Update 6.84.0

  • Added the Border Radius & Border Radius Position property for the Bar Charts! (cc: @bryan9)

  • Updated to the latest version of ApexCharts.js

Is there any update coming to allow these longer texts in this chart? It’s essential for my project to have bigger fonts.

To implement a feature like this, this feature must be supported by the ApexCharts.js library that is used to create these charts unfortunately. Right now it is not supported, but I will leave a feature request for you on Github and hopefully it will get picked up! :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo

Is it possible for the charts to be updated in real time automatically without the need to run a workflow (in the case of unlimited series)?

Appended series will not automatically update as that is simply not possible with Bubble plugins unfortunately. You can remove the appended series and append them again for example to update these series. Or you can run the ‘update appended data series’ workflow action to provide new data for an already appended series. Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Thimo

Few questions please:

  1. Is it possible to make the chart’s height adjust automatically based on the number of categories in a horizontal bar chart. The use case would be when the number of categories (vertical axis labels) is unkown so the height of the chart would adjust to make the spacing consistent.

  2. Is it possible to offset datalabels on bar charts to avoid them being shown right on the edge:

  1. I have a donut chart set up for positive and negative categories. It seems that the green is not rendering on the chart but does render on the legend:

Hi guys,

I am trying to make a 100% stacked graph, but I can’t add the suffix “%” due to it shows me too when display the tooltip. How I can do it to show only in the stackbar?

It will not auto adjust, but you can for example create some conditionals to change the height of the chart :slight_smile: For example:
When …:count <5
→ Height: 100px

Right now the plugin does not have support to change he data label offset. I will put is on my list to see if I can implement that feature! (:

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Hi @wains I have pushed an update (6.87.0) that fixes this. The data labels will now be the actual value and not the percentage value. This makes more sense imo.

Can you make it so you can do like formatting on the acctual chart elements like

I wanna make this Screenshot by Lightshot show up as tooltip currency or change it to a percent if its percent numbers. Let me know about this.

Found out how. Is there any way to make all blocks solid Screenshot by Lightshot not faded like that?

Hi @Thimo , that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to get. I chose stack 100% because I’m interested to see the ratio in this case of men and women. By removing it now I " manually " have to calculate it. Is there any possibility to display the ratio as before but also with the “%” symbol?

@wains I see. I have now pushed an update (6.87.1) that will show the % symbol when stacked charts and stretch to 100% is enabled. This % symbol will only be visible on the data labels and not on the tooltip :slight_smile:

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You rock @Thimo ! Thank you for your quick response.

Hi @Thimo

Any fixes on this yet?