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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

Thanks, this is what i was looking for :grinning:

Hi, I am getting this really strange behaviour in my chart. The green profit line should be mostly 0 and one negative number but instead it seems to be mapping to the profit margin axis. It seems to work just fine in the Charts JS plugin That seems odd! I will send you a PM so we can take a closer look at this issue your are having :slight_smile:

Hi Thimo,
there is a weird behavoir for the mixed chart type. I want two line and two bar charts (stacked) displayed. The first y-axis should show one type (line or bar) and the second y-axis the other one. But right now it only shows one y-axis (bar). I tried differenet options for the field “2nd y axis series name” but none of them worked to display the second y-axis in the chart.

Hi @s.brendel that is odd! I will send you a PM so we can take a better look!

@Thimo Feature Request -

For Bar charts (and others) that take data as a list of numbers and labels as a list of text; can you please also allow us to enter chart/bar color as a list of text.

The multi-bar chart isn’t helpful in case of longer data series.

Thanks a bunch.

Thank you for your feature request! I will look into adding this in a future update for you :slight_smile:

Could you maybe explain a bit more why the multi-bar chart is not helpful in your case? Maybe if I know some more details I can improve it for you (:

Hi Thimo,
Hi @Thimo

Appreciate the quick response :slight_smile:
The multi-bar chart is limited to 5 data points. In our case, the data points range between 5-15.

Is it possible to add more data points to multi-bar charts?

@Thimo I would like user to be able to see the relevant underlying data in an RG when they click on the point in the chart - is it possible to do that someway using events?

I get this error when i enable events and then try to show one of the data series or the label info / any other info using a workflow

Hi @t_bubble

The mixed chart supports unlimited data series as you can append more data series using workflow actions. Did you look into this already? :slight_smile:

The ‘show data series’ workflow action is created to show a hidden data series in a chart. I think this is not the right one to use for your use case. I will send you a pm so we can go into detail! :slight_smile:

Didn’t know!

Let me try. Thanks!

Hello! I am trying to set up a line graph that reports the onboarding of users over time. I have the Y-values added as Users grouped by Created Date by month. This shows me a line graph of how many users have onboarded each month. However, I would like every month to add on to the previous to show my the total users, aka a “running total”. Is there any way to do this?

On the built-in bubble app, you can set the data source as the grouping and then the value expression as any user whose creation date was less than this points group date.

EDIT: It seems the best way is to use the “generate a cumulative list” plugin.

On another note, it seems that the smooth function for the line graphs and area charts are not Bezier curves so it looks a bit off when you start to see growth. Is there any way to implement a Bezier curve option?

The curve that is used is the library default, there are at this time no options for me to change it but I will definitely leave a feature request for a feature like this :slight_smile:

Hi. In my app, ‘Replace null/undefined values with 0’ feature doesn’t work.

For you reference, here are the screen shots.

any help?

Thank you! I researched the underlying JS package and it seems they are not planning on adding any different stroke options.

Hi. @Thimo .

I’m trying to make a chart which has dynamic number of series data. so I need to use the ‘append data series’ feature, but I can’t find the way to update or hide or append data series dynamically.
for example, at first, the chart has only 1 series data. next, when dropdown changed, (has 5 series data) append data series in workflow. and next, when dropdown changed, (has only 2 series data) hide appended data series in workflow. It seems to ‘update appended data series’ feature only update the appended data series, not hide them when they are empty. So it’s hard to make it through workflow when the # of data series is dynamic. Any solutions?

This is a complicated issue for sure. I am not 100% sure what the best way of tackling this problem is right now, but you could maybe look into the list shifter plugin (free) to loop through the data series you want to add and potentially hide or update associated series. Does this help you?

Do you have any recommendations on how I can generate a force graph in bubble? I haven’t seen a plug-in that includes this functionality. Thanks!

Any suggestions how to fix the font (total)? From what I can see most of the relevant settings are identical to the demo.
by default 2021-09-25 at 5.09.48 PM