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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

I will send you a PM so we can take a better look at the issue :slight_smile:

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Thimo, I love the plugin! Is there any way to enable the endusers to control how many items appear on the timeline graph?

Hey @Thimo ,
Can I create a similar treemap with your charts?
The colors are dynamic based on the percentage change. And the user is able to show/hide specific values.

Hi @jasonahowie, as you control the data source, you could apply a filter to the ‘do a search for’ to filter out certain items. Does that help in your case?

Hi @pstoyanov! Update 6.64.0 adds the ability to set a color range for the treemap chart. It will look a bit different though:

Thank you for the response! It doesn’t help me… think of it more as pagination. I want them to “View All” and maybe something like 10 per page, if that makes sense.

Also, is it possible to plot a date as an intersection on the timeline?

Oops my screenshot didn’t show what i wanted… imagine a dotted line going vertically across everything to todays date.

Yes, just check this checkbox:

Yes you can do this as you control the data source. Just limit the data source to 10 items at a time, and increase this limit when a ‘next’ button is pressed for example.

I have created a demo for you here (with 5 items at a time): Chartpreview | Bubble Editor

Ahhhh you’re awesome. thank you.

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Update 6.65.0, 6.66.0 & 6.66.1

1 - Added the waterfall chart! Take a look on the demo page to see it in action:

2 - Improved the way the ‘enable color change on hover’ works

@Thimo Hi, not sure if I’m doing my set up incorrectly but the yMin is not showing as 0 on the line chart.

@msamandadianne This does not look like a chart from my plugin. Are you by any chance confusing 2 different plugins? You can see the a demo of my plugin here (editor is public) :slightly_smiling_face:

AAAHHHH you’re right. my bad.


I’m subscribed to this plugin and trying to generate a PNG image. I have created a button and added to its workflow the “generate PNG URL” action. I have created a text field to show the created url so I can then view it.

The image shown is just blank.


Any ideas what could be going wrong?

Also can I create an image of the chart and save this to the DB?

Hi @artie717

You can save the image to the DB by just simply using the workflow event ‘PNG URL is created’ and saving the PNG URL to your database.

You can see the demo page for more context:

Let me know if you are still having issues after looking at the demo page (:

thanks for the quick response.

I think I’m doing it correctly as I’ve created a chart and thats loading fine on the page… see here for the details in the screenshots

screenshot 1 is the webpage with the chart loaded. it includes the button to create the PNG and a text box populated with the PNG url
screenshot 2 is the loaded png url - its blank??? why?
screenshot 3 is the workflow for the button shown in screenshot 1 that generates the png url

It also looks like a correct setup to me. I will send you a PM so we can take a better look at this issue :slight_smile:

Update 6.67.0

You can now specify a different color for the negative values for a waterfall chart! Check out the demo page to see it in action:

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Hey @Thimo I’m wondering if you have any plans to add logarithmic scale for scatter/bubble chart axes?

thanks a ton!

Hi @aestela I will add this feature to my feature list to explore of I can include it in a future update :slight_smile:

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