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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

Hi @Thimo,
This is really a nice plugin
I just want to ask if it is possible to add the actual number alongside the labels/percentage or the legend on the pie chart


Hi @Thimo I am trying to show frequency of list of texts that show up on records (list obtained via search criteria). I am not sure how to show that and which chart to use as none of your chart examples takes a list of data.

Here is an example for what I am trying to do.

Lets assume there’s a data type UserVisits with a field of CountryName and CitiesVisitedTextList.

Each time any user visits a country, a new record is created with a list of city names (text) in CitiesVisitedTextList

For the chart I would like to do a search on UserVists during a month and show Cities that were visited by different users within last month and City frequencies.

Can you suggest a chart and how to display this data? If my example isn’t clear, please let me know

Hi @SumitC!

I am not sure if I can help to pick a chart type for you, as I am actually not sure myself how to visualize this data in a chart. I will let you know if something comes up, but right now I do not think I can be the best help here unfortunately… :slightly_frowning_face:

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No worries Thimo :slight_smile: I figured it out. Thanks for a prompt response and the wonderful plugin.

Hi @Thimo, I need to display a step line chart with time series on x-axis. Something very similar as on the picture. I have sevral different timepoints and y values. Is it possible?

Hi, i find strange behavior of Simple List Calculation:

  • when i try to divide by zero, it’s return me not “undefined”/“empty” or smth similar, it returns first list.
  • when i divide zero by some number, it’s return 1, but not 0.

Yes you need to use a grouping by date: Chartpreview | Bubble Editor

@serhiiburbelo I see. Dividing by 0 is mathematically not defined so it could be that you run into errors. I would say to try not to divide by 0, but I will try if I can make some exceptions in the logic for this element as-well

@Thimo Is it possible for the Cumulative List plugin to calculate multiple cumulative series simultaneously for an Area Chart (Multiple series)?
Otherwise I’ll need to add 4 elements on page.

@SumitC You can check this box if you want display cumulative data in the Area Chart - multiple series:

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Thanks! Glad I asked :slight_smile:. Looks like there was no need for Generate Cumulative List plugin.

One more thing - I don’t see the option of changing Data Label Font Color in Area Chart Multiple Series like other charts. Is this something I’ve missed or doesn’t exist yet?

Is it possible to add a radius to the bar charts or pie charts? I don’t see the option. Is there any kind of CSS I can add to give the bars a radius?

@Thimo It seems the grouping isn’t available. I have a list of dates in a custom state and can’t find any grouping option.

The plugin did actually support this but we removed it because the implement is really weird and buggy. The library only accepts a percentage value for the radius, making it really glitchy when you add more bars or when you resize the chart. This is the reason this is not available right now. I will keep an eye on library update to see when this gets improved! :slight_smile:

I see, but why are you using a custom state with dates as data source for the chart? Is there a reason why you are not using a ‘do a search for’ like in the example I send you?

@Thimo I need to store the dates only temporarily, I don’t need to store them in database. It is a chrome extension and I get the data from external API. User displays the chart related to the current page and then goes to another page to display another chart with different data and so on.

@Thimo Can you please add Data label color option in next update?

@SumitC As the data labels for the area chart have the same background color as the chart itself the labels should always be visible correctly:

Also, when data labels have background enabled (which is the case for the area chart), it is not supported by the library to change the font color (only the background color). Is this something you would want instead? :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Thimo :slightly_smiling_face:. Not sure I understand completely.
Sharing the screenshot. Maybe you can suggest a solution as your design abilities are awesome.

Also, my settings -

Removed the labels completely. This doesn’t look bad at all (at least to me) .

Let me know if you have any design suggestions. I am all ears :grinning:

@SumitC looks good without labels yes! I would recommend to make the colors of the chart a bit better visible (maybe increase opacity?) as it is hard to distinguish between the different series right now. When you improve the visibility, I think the labels should also be better readable (as the contrast between the white text and the label bg color will increase) (but this is just my preference though :slight_smile: )

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