[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

Hi, I have a stacked bar chart that seems to be working except that on hoovering it shows different values. Any suggestions how to fix this?

@marlene1 I think there is confusion here which values the Tooltip shows. The tooltip does not show percentages, but the actual data values of the bars. Only the datalabels show percentages in stacked 100% mode.

As you are using “%” as a suffix, it seems like the tooltip is showing percentages but this is not the case (the tooltip shows the values from the database). I would recommend not to use “%” as a suffix as that will prevent confusion.

Hopefully this helps!

Hi Thimo,

Quick question - on your Gantt chart, is it limited to 4 people?



Hi @routledge.kit

No, you can use workflow actions to append more data series to the chart. You can see this example on the demo page:

Demo: Chartpreview | Bubble Editor

Hi @Thimo ,

At first , thanks for your fantastic job. Same question than @routledge.kit but for some reason I would need to add dynamically new data series without triggering a “point is clicked” in the chart (the process is that the user creates a new category field on the task object elsewhere in the app, and the idea is that it displays automatically a new data serie in the chart). And as I have gantt charts inside a repeating group, it seems I can’t choose the specific Element within the box “Append Data series…” even by giving it a dynamic ID attribute.Do you have any idea or if it is not feasible at this time ?
Thanks a lot : )


Hi @pascalfranck, This is normal actually. You can’t run workflow actions from outside the repeating group when your element is in the repeating group (as a repeating group has a dynamic number of cells so also a dynamic number if element instances). An ID attribute is not something that can fix this. You can only perform actions when you, for example, have a button inside the cell of the repeating group where the chart is also present in the same cell.

The chart being in a repeating group does make it difficult to append additional series dynamically. Maybe you can look into a different way of displaying the data? As you can see here:

The Categories on the Y-axis (Design, Development, Launch) are loaded form the DB so these are dynamic. However the User Names (Eric, John, Matt) are different data series that needs to be appended. Maybe you can only use 1 data series where the Y-axis values are dynamic from your DB? That way you don’t have to append additional series but the chart will just auto update when you create new data items.

Thanks @Thimo for your answer.
Actually I use categories dynamically already, and I think I could call the Gantt because my “triggering” element is within the cell of the RG in question
inside a RG
But when I use the trigger An element is closed (my popup in question), I call Append Data Series… but I can’t select the Gantt Element in question in the box

I have probably done something wrong…

@pascalfranck No, you can’t trigger actions for elements in a repeating group like that. The popup is closed trigger happens outside of your repeating group and that is why you can’t refer to elements within the repeating group.

Thanks Thimo,

Well I tried to put the chart in a reusable element inside the RG and same problem. The only way I found to trigger action to chart is to put it elsewhere than a repeating group, and then it becomes visible inside Element box within the workflow Append Data Series…
Sorry if it does not concern your plugin (actually I don’t know if it concerns my skills on Bubble or if your plugin can only work on a specific configuration within a RG that I didn’t found). Thank you anyway @Thimo


I have a specific need for an application. It’s an application that manages apartment reservations. I need to display my reservations on a Gantt chart grouped by apartment. This means having one line per apartment and all reservations visible on that line. I would like to be able to define the background color of the line based on the status of the reservation.

I tried your plugin, but it doesn’t seem to meet my needs, what do you think? Do you have another plugin to recommend for this?

Hi @lorenebergougnoux5 Right now you can only set 1 color for a data series, not for specific data points.

How can I place a overall measure in the middle, while the circles around give me the individual measures:


Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi @markus5!

A ‘total’ value is only natively supported for the donut chart. However, if you still want to use the radial chart, you can create your own ‘Total value’ using Bubble elements. I have created a demo for you:

Demo: Chartpreview | Bubble Editor

Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile:

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This helps so much!! Thank you Thimo!! :slight_smile: