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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

Hi @hello.plannwin, I will send you a PM :slight_smile:

HI, @Thimo
I setted min & max value 10-90 in X axis and Y axis in scatter chart.
But I could’t see X axis (only initial 10 value)
How can I see X axis?

scatter_a scatter_b

@nakagawa.kenshirogac I will send you a PM so we can take a better look at the problem you are having :slight_smile:

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Hi @Thimo

I been working on other projects and now i have been tasked to build a intense dashboard and i really want to use and learn your amazing plugin.

I have fallen at the first herdle with this error. please can you point me in the correct direction

The plugin ApexCharts.js - Charts and Graphs / element Area chart threw the following error: ReferenceError: toHex is not defined
at eval (PLUGIN_ApexCharts-js—Charts-and-Graphs-update–Area-chart-.js:49:13)
at (please report this to the plugin author)


Hi @timgarrett111, I will need to know a bit more to get an idea where this is coming from. I will send you an PM so we can take a better look there :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo

Great plugin and thanks for all the documentation and demo instance! They really help to show what is possible with the plugin.

I am having trouble (which I am sure is user error) trying set up a simple bar chart. I have tried to search the forum and also spent a good few hours trying to to resolve the problem but can’t seem to work out what I’m doing wrong!

I have created a simple table of data to first get the charting working before complicating things. For this test I have created the following data table:

I want to group the values (number format) by the month field (text format) so that I have the months on the x axis and the sum of the values by month on the y axis.

To do this I have applied the following expressions in the bubble editor of the bar chart plugin:

Doing so renders the following when I preview the page:

The inspector shows that no values are being calculated from what I can see:

Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @paterson.damian,

I think that something is going wrong with your data. I have replicated your data structure and it works great in a test app I made. You can see my test app here: :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response! It is so weird as I have the exact same test data and setup and it just doesn’t want to render.

Appreciate the help and thanks again for the best plugin!

Can I display other list data except X and Y Value like Each data name in scatter chart?
I really want this function!!
スクリーンショット 2020-10-13 18.49.43

Hi @nakagawa.kenshirogac, I am not sure if I understand you correctly, but you can already input the name of each series for the scatter chart:

@Thimo Yes. I know this Series name. But I just want List of Name. For example…

[weight & height]
series 1 name "Class A"
x value [55,66,77,88,99]
y value [160,165,170,175,180]
other value ["Mike", "Jenny", "Jonathan", "Tommy", "Daniel"]

series 2 name "Class B"

And I want to see other name when I hovered each point.

Ah I get it. I can definitely see that this could be useful. The library doesn’t support this particular feature as far as I can see unfortunately, but this may come in a future update which will let me implement it inside the plugin :slight_smile:

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@Thimo I see. I’m looking forward to seeing this feature. Thank you :grinning:

Hi Thimo,

Getting these errors for Radial Charts. Can you please look into it.

Hi @hello.plannwin, at first glance it looks like there is something wrong with the data source for the chart. I will send you a PM so we can take a deeper look.

Hey Thimo,

this update is amazing been waiting for it. Few UI issues I’m facing though:

  1. When I add a max y-value to the bar chart, it adds 2 decimal steps to the y-axis which I didn’t opt for. I would rather the steps be 1 instead of randomly converting to 0.5 or sometimes 0.2

  2. When the x-axis label is long, it becomes diagonal, which is fine. butwhen the text is really long then the entire graph is eaten up by the long diagnoal text. Is there a way the x-axis label can stay horizontal a stacked (like the attached image)

3- and one last thing, since its a great update (adding the y-max feature), it’ll be even greater to have the same feature in the radar charts


I’ve now purchased for 2 of my apps. You keep adding to this wonderful plugin and I’ll keep adding it to all my new apps! Great job.

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@amna I will look into the first 2 points you mentioned and see if I can improve that for you! :slight_smile:

Your third point is already implemented and will be included in the new update! I am still waiting for a Bubble related bug to be solved before I can push the update, so hopefully that wil be fixed soon. That update will also include 2 new charts :rocket:

Thank you so much for the kind words @josh10! I am always looking for ways to make to improve the plugin, so if you have any feedback definitely let me know! :slight_smile:

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Only thing I have found is this small wording issue on the conditionals. Besides that nothing yet.

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