🎥 [+NEW PLUGIN] BigScreen like Netflix

Transform your awesome app into a full video experience like Netflix or Prime Video.
Convert your video players or images into a real immersive cinema sensation.

It supports single videos, RG videos, single images and RG images.



Check out our demo page, there’s are different options to test with source like: Youtube, Vimeo, or custom MP4.

Demo: Bigscreen - Plugin (Demo page)
Editor: Yusaneyplugins | Bubble Editor
Plugin: BigScreen like Netflix Plugin | Bubble
Documentation: BigScreen like Netflix Documentation

Do you have any questions? Ask us here!


  • Update 04/22/2021: Added documentation

Do you have any questions? Ask us here!

Is it possible to open the player in a rotated version on mobile? (in landscape mode) I would need that to use the plugin.

(The BDK wrap doesn’t allow fullscreen to video players, not even in the chameleon player, and that would be a good solution)