New plugin - bootstrap icons

I’m being stupid (been a long bubble day), but how do I add a workflow to an icon please?

Put it in a group stupid

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Sorry for late replies, been really busy. I know if you make it equal height and width, it wont cut out any part. But if you still feel it does, can you tell me the specific dimension you used and the icon type so I can help you check it.

You’re not being stupid. It happens to us all. We all experience brain fog, so it’s okay. :slight_smile:

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Currently is my favorite plugin for icons but the start workflow is very important and the edges cut off happens below of 16px, now the plugin not has a preview in the editor.
Will be helpful if you can fix these bugs and help us to update to the last version .
Thanks in advance!

I have tried to make this work before, before I haven’t found a way around it yet. This plugin is not an inbuilt bubble icon like icon, iconic or material icon. This plugin is in the group of icons such as feathericons and iconify. But I would not give up, I would continue to find how to improve it. Also I have a lot of project on my hands, so sometimes it is hard to have time for everything, but I would keep it in my schedule, so I can have time to improve it. Thanks for all your kind words!

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Thank you, can you upgrade the version to the last? Some icons are missing

@yorgio1024 Thanks for your patience, I just pushed an update. The update comes with about 100 new icons.

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Awesome, thank you

I have added an on-click event to the plugin; hopefully, this will be helpful. Additionally, I have removed the preview on the editor to enhance the plugin’s performance and avoid slowing down the editor.