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[NEW PLUGIN] Bottom Sheet

Hi Everyone!
We recently launched our new plugin that allows you to create stylable bottom sheets. Transform any group into a sleek looking bottom sheet. Bottom sheets are an important element in any mobile application so make sure to add this feature if your app is focused on mobile usage!

View the demo :point_right: here

Get the plugin :point_right: here


I don’t know what a “Bottom Sheet” is, but it sounds pretty haht. Is this some kind of Mormon thing?


hahaha…I honestly was just about to open my application to make one of these bottom sheets.

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You’re a dirty boy @boston85719. No judgement.

We always loved it when Brigham and Young came to our university for sporting events

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That’s quite a hefty price for something that looks like can already be done natively.

Out of curiosity what makes your plugin different?

@ihsanzainal84 We totally understand your thoughts! We previously made bottom sheets using floating groups. But the problem is that these do not animate changes in height automatically and they don’t work with dragging gestures like native bottom sheets do. Also, it’s easier to use bottom sheets when users need to be able to use their keyboard, this won’t work well with floating groups.

As far as pricing goes, your feedback is much appreciated! But we always try to base the price on how much work went into the plugin.

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Ah okay. Just tried your demo app again. Fair enough. Still a bit pricey IMHO.


@minimumstudio is it possible to have scrollable elements on the bottom sheet? I am building a shopping cart overlay, and the number of items can sometimes be greater that the height of the screen allows. Can I fix height of the repeating group, so that it can be scrollable? Will that work with the bottom sheet plugin?

Managed to implement the scrollable implements!
Starting to look really nice.
However, when I apply a border to the group it’s not applied on the bottom sheet after transformation:

Hi Konrad!
Your app is looking really good! Very impressive :slight_smile:
The styling can be applied to the entire bottom sheet so you can just remove the borders from the group and change the styling on the plugin element. Please see the screenshot below!

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@minimumstudio But there are no border settings in the bottom_sheet element

That’s a very good point! I initially thought you meant the handle of the bottom sheet. I’ll check with our devs if it’s possible to change the border color as well!

@konrad1 I just checked with our devs and it can be easily added with some basic css.
If you put a HTML element on your page you can change the border of the bottom sheet using this element: [data-rsbs-overlay]

I already checked for you and you can use the following css and change it according to your wishes: border-color: red; border-top-style: solid; border-right-style: solid; border-left-style: solid; border-width: 2px; border-top-right-radius: 16px; border-top-left-radius: 16px;

Let me know if you need any help!

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I bought and tried to use but it didnt work. I realised it is due to the Group: Bottom Sheet (Testing) not installed . The error came up to this. But i am stuck at trying to fix this issue. Any solutions ?

Could you please send us a DM with some more information on this error? Could you send a screenshot of your editor maybe and what your setup is for the bottom sheet? Would love to take a closer look at this error since we haven’t had this issue yet!


haha hey bro i sort of fixed it after afew hours of debugging. Its basically my own mistake of not dragging out the new plugin. I used the bottom sheet straight after copy and paste from old template. haha

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i think the name comes from material design → Bottom sheets – Material Design 3

the name apple uses isn’t much better either - they call this component ‘action sheet’

Hey there!
Nice plug in you have made!

I have a bug I cant figure out why its happening, so Imguessing it might be regarding the plugin

I made a detailed loom so you can watch it!

Thank you and keep the good plugins coming!! :fire: @minimumstudio

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Hey @design.agx!
Thanks a lot for using our plugin and sending us a message.
It’s a weird bug that we haven’t seen before. Is it possible to share your editor with us? Can of course be on view-only mode! But that would help us a lot with debugging the issue. We’re very happy to help you out but we have to dive a little bit deeper for us to understand the core issue.

Thanks in advance!

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