[NEW PLUGIN] Build Powerful Calculation Engines for your App

Do you need to add a tricky logic or complex calculation to your app? Can you or have you exemplified it in a spreadsheet (Excel)?

Our plugin + server converts your spreadsheet model into a powerful coded logic/calculation engine and make it easy and flexible to use in you Bubble App.
Please note that it converts the sequence of formulas you have and can make use of the data that you have in the spreadsheet as part of the converted logic, but it does not convert macros or VBA for now.

Example applications are:

  • Financial calculators
  • Scoring systems or KPIs
  • Logics that are not easy to implement directly in Bubble
  • … or anything else that you find easy to implement in a spreadsheet but not in you nocode app, but would like to.

The plugin has no cost, but you need to subscribe to our service, since we have an infrastructure that supports it (based in AWS).
! Important: your model will be available for as many apps you want, as long as it respects the monthly quota of hits(accesses to the api).

[Excel Backend Plugin | Bubble](PLUGIN PAGE)
[XLBackend Demo App](DEMO APP)
[https://www.xlbackend.com](Service Site)

We will try to be as responsive as possible in our support on support@xlbackend.com
Please contact us before stating a review if you are not getting results that you expect and we will be glad to help you. A lot of work has been put on it and we are here to work with you.

Here is the [https://youtu.be/gxb9wNZmmFQ](Intro Video)

Hi Elmo,

I tried to get in touch about using this but your email doesn’t seem to work

Kind Regards,


@elmo.gomes Hi there,
I try to send an email to support@xlbackend.com and it say there is no such email.
How could I reach out to you regarding some issues I am facing?

Hi, sorry for that, please send it to elmo.gomes@beyondnocode.com for now. I will check what has happened with the other email.

yup. just message you

Note for the forum: In contact with both Francis and Gerald to support their projects. If anyone has a project that requires calculations and would like to discuss, please contact us at support@xlbackend.com or elmo.gomes@beyondnocode.com