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New Plugin - Calendar Tool (free)

Hello ryley, I wanted the same thing as Kamp. would you share with us what you have suggested to him? :smiley:

Hi @ryley.randall Ryley. Great plugin and thanks for publishing it. Same query as @solinz and @Kamp . I am creating a scheduler for my app that has similar requirement and am sure a lot of devs will be happy to hear from you.

@paraschd @solinz @Kamp

It can all be done with bubble logic. Essentially you need to create a list of Days of the week [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc…]
And then you can limit what days are clickable based on this list.

If I have time later I’ll create a sample app that does this and share it here

P.s. If you need a more powerful tool @keith has a great plugin for this…

Here is a basic example. It could obviously get more sophisticated


Thanks Ryley

First of all Thanks a lot for the instructions! It helped me a lot!

I am building an app where the user can set up his/her work schedule. So, first, the user selects a start date, and then the repetition period, so these dates should be highlighted in the calendar.
Any idea about how do do that?

Any help is highly appreciated!!

Still could not figure out how to do it… Any clue?

Thanks a lot!!

I haven’t used this plugin, but have you considered trying something simple like a shape object (add 20 roundness if you want it to look circular) and use conditions to change the fill color based on whether an appointment (or whatever) record is present for the cell’s date. Again, I haven’t used this plugin - but I think what you’re describing would be pretty simple to pull of using conditions and a changing fill color.


Yeah, I have done that. My issue is not about the plugin, it is how I should set the conditions and store the data in my database since an entire period should be highlighted and not only one day in the calendar.

Eg, if the user selects the embark date to today’s date, and selects 14x14 rotation, the calendar should highlight the 14 days after the selected date plus repeat the highlight for the rest of the months…

I know this should be simple, but I really don’t get it…

Thank you so much for this awesome plugin ! Just wondering if there is a way to easily start the week on a Monday ? You know… European users and all :wink:

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Looking for this too !

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I ended up using another option, don’t know if this helps : [HOW-TO] Create a custom Calendar using repeating group

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Thanks Dee !!

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@ryley.randall Thanks for the great plugin.

I am trying to utilize it for a booking system. I’ve gotten everything set up and working except for filtering the time slots based on bookings already made.

For example, if there is a booking for Nov 21st at 4:30PM for 30 minutes and a user is searching to make a booking for Nov 21st for 15 minutes, I want to filter the time slots so they are not shown 4:30PM or 4:45PM.

I can’t figure out for the life of me how to filter this properly.

My database is storing bookings with this data type

Any idea how to filter the time slots? I’ve looked over the demo you shared ‘Nick-demo’ and see how you filter based a users availability, but can’t figure out how to do it so booked time ranges are not displayed.

did you ever work out the answer to this? Ive got stuck at the same bit as you.


I never got an answer for how to do it using this plugin…but I did end up finding a way to do it. I had to use the list shifter plugin to do it

awesome will check it out. Thanks very much and Happy new Year


I’ve been attempting to use the plugin to show according to a set time zone. My user is able to select their time zone to create dates and times within.

I’m playing around with calendar tool plugin in connection with date & timezone plugin

for the purposes of trying to ensure the calendar tool plugin is generating dates and times according to UTC

Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 5.49.36 PM

This adjusted UTC time is the browser current date and time adjusted to be UTC

What I have been seeing is that it seems like the Calendar Tool plugin will just continue to create dates and times according to the browser timezone.

Could you shed some light on what is happening behind the scenes when the calendar tool plugin is creating the list of dates? Is it in fact taking whatever date is inputted into the plugin element and adjusting it to be 12AM of the browser time zone?

Nice plugin, I managed to set it up very quickly!

I use Bubble’s calendar to create events for my scheduling app and I wonder if it’s possible to present those events (on the right dates) using your plugin. I would like to create a week view only - that’s why I’m using your plugin.

I don’t know how to associate an event date with the right date on your plugin.

I’ll be releasing a template that hopefully will be on the marketplace by next week.

It uses this plugin for generating the list of dates.

You can definitely uses this plugin to generate dates and then the ability to associate your events with those dates is beyond the scope of the plugin itself, but completely possible if set up correctly.

Basically, you can format dates into text values and use those values as the constraints in searches…so your repeating group created using this plugin will have a date value in each cell with the time set to 12:00AM.

Your events will hopefully in the DB have a date value with some time value associated with it…maybe an event is saved as a start date of Jan 31, 2021 at 3:30PM.

If you use the :formatted as operator you can change both date values to be text values and isolate only the date portion to constrain the search for your events

So you put something into your repeating group of dates that you will use to display the events and use the search for events with constraint events start date formatted as is current cells date formatted as

this allows you to return the results of events that have the same start date as that of the current cells date and disregards the time portion

Use conditionals on the repeating group data source to do so. I’ve got things set up in a template

in which the calendar portion uses this plugin and I have it set up to enable 1 day, 4 day, work week full week as well as monthly and yearly views. Had to put conditional logic together.