[New Plugin] - Custom Context Menu

Well it would be nice to have the calendar work like any contemporary calendar application (i.e. Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook). Ideally, whenever an event is clicked, this should show a context menu relative to the position of the cursor (see @seanhoots demo page). Currently I’m using a popup for this but a context menu promises a much better user experience.

great looking plugin, is it possible to update it so that certain options of displayed when specific areas of the page are right clicked?


yes this feature is already implemented. You can to this using our “Context Menu Targeted” Element which is included in this plugin. Here is a demo: https://anticodeplugin.bubbleapps.io/contextmenutargeted

Great, thanks

Hi @Anticode

How do I get this to work within a popup? I’ve tried putting the context menu targeted item on the main page and w/in the popup. I’ve tried to refer to the popup’s element id and to the repeating group within the popup. In both cases, when I right click I see the normal right click menu and not the one that I have defined. Thank you! MJB

PS - What’s the difference between this and the Right-Click plugin?

Hi @mjbowe

I’ve just tested it with a popup and another element within the popup and it works fine for me - https://anticodeplugin.bubbleapps.io/version-test/contextmenutargeted

Please make sure to specify to different element ids and use two context menu targeted elements.


@Anticode. Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m not sure what you mean by “use TWO context menu targeted elements”. Can you be more specific.

Here is my use case/flow.

  1. User searches and retrieves a list of blogs on the main page.
  2. User clicks on a blog title and the system displays a popup.
  3. Within the popup, there is a repeating group that returns a list of the blog posts and a description.
  4. When the user right clicks on a specific row in the repeating group I want a context menu that allows them to choose certain actions to perform for that row.

Hope that helps. Please advise where to put each instance of the context menu targeted elements. Thanks!

With two elements I mean two separate targeted context menu elements within your bubble page. You can just drag and drop both of them onto the page and then set the parameters within the element inspector.

Maybe take a look at our Demo Editor : https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=contextmenutargeted&id=anticodeplugin
to see how we set it up

Hey @Anticode folks … thanks again for the timely support. I’ve got it working. Thanks for the examples!!!

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BUG/Non standard behavior?

Hi @Anticode team…is there a way to have the plugin NOT CAUSE HIGHLIGHTED TEXT TO DESELECT? Currently any selected text get deselected. This is unexpected behavior. Typical right click behavior doesn’t cause selected text to deselect.

Here is the user flow:

User performs search for some text
Interface returns several paragraphs
User highlights a phrase they want to save
While text is highlighted User uses “custom context” right click menu to save


Hello Matthew,

not sure about that… we’ll look into that and will let you know.

Ok, thanks!

Hey @anticode!

I have a quick question.

I just purchased this plugin and was going to use it to allow my users the option to “Join” a specific data set.

I currently have a targeted context menu targeting my repeating group of data type “House”

I want the user to be able to join this “House” by right clicking, and pressing join. I got it all working fine, except I just can’t figure out how to pass through which “house” is being right clicked.

How would this be accomplished, or is this something not possible?


Hey Drake,

unfortunately that is currently not possible, as the context menu does not have access to the “Current Cells Thing”. We’ll look into finding a solution, but I’m afraid it might not be possible.

Kind Regards,

Rats, that is what I was afraid of. Oh well, still other use cases I can use this plugin for.

If you happen to look into it and make it possible, that’d be awesome, if not, no big deal, I will find a different solution.


Is it possible to trigger the context menu by clicking on an element (e.g. a vertical ellipsis icon) instead of right-clicking?

No unfortunately that’s not possible as of now.

Great plugin folks! That is what I needed for my app! It should be built in standard bubble functionality!

works on Android, not on iOS