[New Plugin] Customizable Tag / Word Cloud (customize colors, fonts, angles, stop words, word limits, etc.)

Create word clouds from text inputs, customize colors, fonts, word spacing, stop words, maximum word limits, angles, tooltips, type: with/without category, show frequencies/occurrences of words inside tooltip, open custom url (on word click), etc.


  • Supports words and paragraphs input.
  • Customizable stop words for filtering irrelevant terms.
  • Set maximum word limit for the word cloud.
  • Customize colors and font family for words in the cloud.
  • Adjust word spacing and angles for aesthetic layout.
  • Select word cloud type: Basic or With Category.
  • Customize tooltip text (With Category). Displays frequencies/occurrences of words inside tooltip (Basic).
  • Open custom URLs on word click. (Optional)

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Customizable Tag / Word Cloud Plugin | Bubble


Word Cloud Type Options:
Users can choose between “Basic” word cloud or “With Category” for better organization and analysis.

Customizable Appearance:
Users have control over colors, spacing, angles, and font styles to tailor the word cloud to their preferences.

Stop Words Management:
Ability to exclude common or irrelevant words from appearing in the word cloud.

Maximum Word Limit:
Set a limit on the number of words displayed in the cloud for better readability and focus.

Interactive Features:
Users can click on words to trigger actions such as opening custom URLs, enhancing user engagement and interactivity.

Tooltip Customization:
Customize the tooltip text to provide additional information or context for each word, like category name, value.

Dynamic Input Support:
Accepts dynamic input data, allowing users to generate word clouds from changing datasets.

Flexible Angles and Spacing:
Adjust angles and spacing between words for optimal visual appeal and clarity.

URL Support:
Add custom URLs, which will open when a specific word is clicked, customize URL suffix and other options.

Editor: plugin_preview_app | Bubble Editor

Demo: https://pluginpreviewapp.bubbleapps.io/version-test/word_cloud_demo

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