[New Plugin] Customize Bubble's Searchbox Dropdown

Hey Everyone!

We have just released a plugin that allows complete design control over the native Bubble Searchbox dropdown. Bubble’s Searchbox is great for speedy development and high performance but styling the dropdown has long been a pesky limitation. This is particularly true with Address Autocomplete, where interfacing a repeating group with Google Places API and accomplishing the desired behavior can be difficult.

Anyways, this new plugin makes customizing the dropdown styles quick and intuitive. You can finally ditch the need to create a focus group with a nested repeating group and configuring consistent styles and actions across all your search elements!

Please reach out with any questions, comments or feature requests!

:white_check_mark: Ditch Focus Groups with Nested Repeating Groups
:white_check_mark: High performance data and address search with Bubble’s Native Searchbox Element
:white_check_mark: Great for forms, app-wide search & more
:white_check_mark: Ultimate control of styles, hover styles & transitions!
:white_check_mark: Thorough documentation fit for beginners

:link: - Plugin Page
:link: - Demo Preview
:link: - Demo Editor

Dropdown Container
• Margin
• Padding
• Background Color
• Border Color
• Border Width
• Border Radius
• Box Shadow
• Max Width
• Min Width

Results Items
• Font
• Font Color
• Font Size
• Padding
• Background Color
• Background Color (Hover)
• Font Color (Hover)
• Padding (Hover)

• Background Color
• Font Color
• Padding


Great job. :+1:

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Appreciate it John!

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Sneaky game changer… :sunglasses:

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Glad you like it!

It would be nice if the demo was mobile responsive… The fields are wider than my pixel 4xl screen.

Thank you for pointing this out. I’ll get right on it!


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Sweet! Thank you

I am struggling with this searchbox problem on iOS using the vanilla searchbox – the dropdown results appear far above the searchbox. It is not clear what is causing this problem – it only happens on iOS.

The searchbox on the demo page for this plugin looks good on my iPhone and doesn’t have the same problem. So I installed this plugin and emulated its settings on my app. However, unlike the demo page, the problem persists in my app even with this plugin.

Does anyone know what causes this iOS vanilla searchbox problem, and how to fix it (with this plugin or otherwise)?



Would you mind PMing me a link to your editor and I can take a look?

Is it possible to get the search results width to be responsive, the same as the input width?

There is a width parameter in plugin element. Let me know if this works for you. If not, I can make an option that matches the width of the searchbox!

HI love your plugin but if the width can be responsive I would be great and also if we could specify the id of the searchboxs we want to modify. When we have muliple on the page it is becoming way too hard to define each one of them

In terms of responsive width, it should be responsive as it doesn’t modify that portion of the native Bubble searchbox.

In terms of specifying IDs, the plugin is designed to modify all searchboxes on the page with a single plugin instance. This is so that you can easily maintain consistency among searchbox styles without needing a new plugin instance for each searchbox.

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If we can modify the min and max width sure but right now we have to specify it at fix width which is complicated. As it is adding html as important it is not fitting the searchbox width.

For specifying the ids if we have multiple searchboxs on the page we can’t specify different width.

I feel like those two changes would upgrade the plugin from great to awesome :star_struck:

Got it! Makes sense. It will take some time because right now it is designed to modify the global css as opposed to the specific elements. I will keep the existing Searchbox Element (Renaming it ‘Global Searchbox Customizer’ or something like that) as is and create a new element Called 'Single Searchbox Customizer).

It will have to include a field where you match the ID of the one you have placed on your searchbox.

Honestly, It shouldn’t take too long. I’ll do my best to have it up in a day or two! If you don’t hear back, please just shoot me a DM. (Sometimes I get scatterbrained :laughing:)