[New Plugin] Drag It - Enhance Your Repeating Groups with Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Rearrange, Sort, Reorder, and Transfer Items Between RGs Effortlessly


I appreciate you might need a vimeo so I created on here:

The issue seems to be okay now with data source changing according to a conditional state UNTIL the conditional state has no source data - then there’s issues.

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Dear @james34 ,

I would like to express my gratitude for taking the time to provide us with a detailed explanation of the challenge. Your insights will greatly assist us in offering more precise guidance.

If I comprehend correctly, the desired outcome is to display the previous items in the repeating group when the new DataSource is empty, rather than showing an empty RG.

I would like to inquire whether the plugin version being utilized is the most recent update. We have recently implemented some changes that may be relevant to this situation.

Thank you once again for your collaboration and valuable input.

Sorry, no.

When a listing’s source is empty, we want the repeating group to be empty aswell. We just want the repeating group and drag it source to be in sync so that when someone is managing a selected listing, it only shows and changes data for that listing.

This is not the case. If a listing has no data, the source does not update and keeps the data from the previous listing - Obviously this would be very confusing for a user.

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Here is a better video that explains it:


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Sorry, I typed wrong. I understand what the problem is.
I will try to fix it in a few hours.

I apologize for this problem. thank you

How does the Auto Sync works?

Also, is it posible to use the Auto Sync with multiple instances of the Drag it element (Not within a RG)?

For example:
Having 3 Drag It elements on 3 separate Containers
Is the Auto Sync feature feasible in this case?
And what would the workflows look like?
I’m thinking we could have a trigger for each element (Sorting Updated and RG → RG) and then link it to custom workflows to not build everything X amount of times.

We are aware of the issue regarding the manipulation of elements within RG not sure if this could solve the issue.

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Hey @james34

We have released an update that should fix the issue. Please update the plugin and test its functionality.

Please let us know the result and if you have any other questions we are always here to help.

By disabling Auto Sync, you actually disconnect the connection between RG and the database.

Can you explain more about your theory please?

hey @NoCodeDataArtisan , any news on this last bug I reported on #215? [New Plugin] Drag It - Enhance Your Repeating Groups with Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Rearrange, Sort, Reorder, and Transfer Items Between RGs Effortlessly - #215 by letsexecute

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Hi there, @letsexecute!
Apologies for not tagging you earlier. This update was specifically made to address the issue you brought up. Have you had a chance to update the plugin?

So by having the Auto Sync On it should refresh the RG list if changes are made in the database?

In previous posts and in the documentation in the Drag It element it is mentioned that Auto Sync is not recommended while using the group feature.

I’m not sure if there could be a way of having a Kanban board while also using the Auto Sync feature by having each Board (Backlog, In Progress, Complete) in there own separate container instead of populating the containers from a RG (as in the demo) without the need of using the group feature which I’m not sure is possible.

We just want a way of syncing the database into the RG without having to refresh the page regardless of having to setup each container individually so that we can see in real time the changes made in the database to allow collaboration.

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Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed questions. You’re correct about Auto Sync but there could potentially be some unusual behavior when using the Auto Sync feature with multiple Repeating Groups (RGs) utilizing the group feature. This is mainly due to the way RGs are implemented and managed by bubble. For example, if an item is removed from an RG, the associated element doesn’t actually get deleted, but merely becomes hidden. This, and other unique behaviors of RGs, can cause complications.

We have found ways to manage these situations with a single RG, allowing it to update smoothly without any problems. However, when it comes to handling multiple RGs, finding a solution that works seamlessly has proven to be more challenging. Therefore, until we find a solution that ensures smooth functionality, we recommend keeping the Auto Sync feature inactive when working with multiple RGs.

We understand the desire for real-time syncing without needing a page refresh, and we’re actively working to improve this aspect of our system. Your patience is appreciated as we continue to work on this issue.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions or concerns

problem still persists :frowning:

video shows first the correct order of the RG… then I go to another project, and when I go back to the initial project the order is mixed, until I refresh the page

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Hey @letsexecute

Is it possible for me to have view access to your editor?
In this case, we can check the problem in more detail.

We want to express our sincere gratitude for trusting in us and for taking the time to leave a review. Your support means a lot to us. :raised_hands:t2:

We also want to apologize again for the mistake in our previous update. Your feedback is incredibly valuable, as it helps us learn and improve.

We’re thrilled to hear that the issue has been resolved in the new version. Should you have any further questions or encounter any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you.

Once again, thank you for your trust and for being a valued customer. Your support and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Exciting New Update

Drag It Now Supports Bubble Table Elements

We are thrilled to announce a fresh update to our Drag It plugin. In our continued efforts to enhance your experience and meet your evolving needs, Drag It now supports the newly introduced Bubble Table Elements!

Our latest update makes it possible for you to employ the Drag It feature on tables, expanding your ability to interact with tables’ rows in a more dynamic, intuitive manner. To get started with this new feature, ensure that the Auto Sync setting is set to ‘No’. Then, simply use Drag It as you would normally do with RG. We believe this enhanced interaction will take your productivity and creativity to the next level.

We are aware of the future enhancements planned by Bubble for the Table Element, and while this means we might not be able to introduce perfect compatible features in the immediate term, we are committed to adapting Drag It to work seamlessly with each new update. As the Bubble Table Element evolves, we’ll be working tirelessly to ensure that Drag It remains a functional, powerful tool in your design arsenal.

Your feedback is paramount to us. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how the update works for you, and as always, share with us any ideas for improvements.

Thank you for choosing Drag It. We are excited to continue serving you!

Best regards,

No Code Artisan


:clapper: Tutorial

Easy Setup of Drag It with Auto-Save on a dynamic RG

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My guess is that this question has already been answered in this but there are so many messages that it’s definitely buried.

Anyone have quick tip on how to solve the below?
I have two RG’s and one has an icon in it like this:

When I drag from the right RG to the left RG, I get this:

I want to keep the formatting of the original RG and not have the icon remain in the left RG when the group is dropped into it

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Also, this seems to be a bug:
RG to RG
This is what the alert is returning:

The first time I drop it, the “Dragged Item” returns as empty. If I then drag in the opposite direction, it returns properly.
Also, it doesn’t show in the GIF i provided, but if I go all in the same direction initially, then the state continues to return as empty. It is only once I reverse the direction that it returns the correct value.

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Hey @paul29

I’m sorry for the delayed response to your earlier email. I appreciate your understanding.

As per your challenges, they both seem to be tied to a common element. When shifting items between RGs, specific data from the element state can be used to achieve your goal. For example, in order to hide the icon, you need to establish a condition for the icon’s display according to it’s parent RG (Drag It), Also we provide Custom State which allows you to attribute an additional data to the Drag It element and use it for identification or other purposes in different situations.

Furthermore, to clear up any potential confusion, the RG-to-RG event is designed to be receiver-only, hence you’ll only receive the correct data in one direction.

This can be a little complex to digest, and I wouldn’t want to complicate matters by explaining it further. Therefore, would it be possible for you to grant me access to your app? I could then set it up for you based on other factors. You can provide this access through our forum.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. We’re here to help and are dedicated to improving your experience.

Best regards,