[New Plugin] Drag It - Enhance Your Repeating Groups with Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Rearrange, Sort, Reorder, and Transfer Items Between RGs Effortlessly

It appears you are utilizing API data; I would like to suggest incorporating the JSON data format directly into the plugin with the assistance of our other plugin, JSON Assistant.

We have constructed a simple example demonstrating how these two plugins can collaborate to enable us to modify the order index of items in JSON format on this page:

DragIt + JSON:
Artisan-plugnplay | Bubble Editor

Hello again. Dragging this in a calendar already made ( Pre Calendaria) and it will not let me set the data source as " Parent Groups Date ". I have attached the photo

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The DragIt data source should be a list of items, but in this scenario, it seems a single item (date) has been selected.

For your needs, you might want to set the content type to ‘event’ (task), which would allow you to drag and drop events between inner Repeating Groups (RGs).

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Ok thanks, that helps me think through the logic a bit more

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When i show the current cell index and i drag and drop some items, the cell index number is moving with the dragged item. So after moving different items the cell index number is not in line with the items place in the repeating group. How do i keep the cell index numbers as they are.

I use the RG Sync Source as datasource.

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Hi there,

The index number will be updated once the DragIt data source list you provided is refreshed. Have you utilized the Sorting Updated event to refresh the main list after each modification?

We do not save the new list right away, the user can first drag and drop the items and when they click on “save new positions” button then the list wil be saved. But is there not option to show in an text element in every row which current cell index number it is?

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Since the index number is linked to the bubble, you need to update the data (save a new list) so that the plugin can refresh the RG’s data source, which will then update the index numbers. If you prefer not to save directly to the database, you can use a state to store the list and then replace it with the database once the user saves it.

3.4.3 still seems be broken concerning next id. Next Id is always empty in the workflow. 3.3.4, is working correctly.

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You’re right, @andrew, an issue has arisen following the addition of the API custom ID feature. We are addressing this problem and ask that you continue using version 3.3.4. We will notify you when the issue is resolved in our upcoming version.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. :pray:

Hi @NoCodeDataArtisan, been a fan for a while.
I recently started trying to do something new with this plugin and it isn’t working as expected - thought I would ask here.
I have [Days] RG and nested [Plans] RGs in these Days. When i move a [Plan] to another [Day], I want to update the new sort order (easy) - but also change the [Day] field of the [Plan] datatype to the new [Day] it was dragged into.
I’m using the Rg → This RG event which captures the data just fine, but when i Make a change to the [Plan]'s [Day] field, the [Plan] is removed from the [Day]'s list of [Plans], so it is gone from all of the RGs.
Have you tested for this usecase? Please let me know if I can explain better or create a demo.
Thank you!

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Hello @rasengan.matt

I hope you’re doing well.

Thank you using the DragIt in your projects :heart_eyes:.

So, you just use the dragit in inner RGs, right?
Could you please try adding another action in the ‘Sort updated’ workflow and change the Day field of Plans with a change list of things action.

Please let me know about the results.


Wow that worked immediately - thank you so much for your quick help. Not often you get good product with great support. Gonna leave review.