New Plugin! 👉 "Elegant Buttons" - A ready-to-use button with 3 different states

I´ve just launched a new Plugin on Bubble:

“Elegant Buttons” - A ready-to-use button with 3 different states:

  • DEFAULT: the normal mode off the button waiting for a user interaction
  • RUNNING: shows a loading icon after the user click de button, while your actions are working
  • SUCCESS: shows a customizable success message and change the background color during a customizable time, when your actions have finished. Then the button back to DEFAULT mode automatically. (2)

Add the Elegant Button element to your project and change the states from DEFAULT to RUNNING to SUCCESS and back to DEFAULT within your Workflows

:point_right: EVENT: You will have a “Elegant button Clicked” workflow to detect when the user has clicked the button.

:point_right: ACTION: You will have an action “Change state Elegant Button” in your workflows to change the state of the button.
(or just type “elegant” when you are creating an action and you will see the option “Change state Elegant Button”. Then you can switch between DEFAULT, RUNNING and SUCCESS)

:point_right: Demo Page
:point_right: Plugin Page

Feedback is welcome! :smiley:


Nice and clean! Great! :clap:

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This is very cool. I already do it using custom states in all my “loading” buttons.
But have all this code already embed in a single button element is great. :ok_hand:

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