☎️ New Plugin - Essential Phone Input - No more headaches with international phone numbers

Hey @weswas - I’ve purchased this and like it generally speaking, but I’m struggling a bit with how to display data that’s been saved to the DB and then save again once any updates/changes are made. Specifically:

  1. Creating and saving a new number is easy and creates the country code (two letters, not numbers) and the full formatted number. I can save those to the DB as the Phone Country and Full Phone, which is the full number including the country’s dial code (which is not saved or available in your plugin).

  2. When I go to edit the number I saved, I’m using the Full Phone as the initial content of the input. The issue is that now I still see the flag dropdown, but rather than having the formatted number, I see the full number with the country dial code (e.g., +1) and the phone number element is empty. To get around this, I tried creating a Phone Local field and calling that into the input. That displays correctly, but if an update is made and the flow is run again to save the updated information, the Phone Element is empty and the full number comes up empty.

Can you please let me know what I’m missing here?


I just purchased your plugin and it works great. I use it in popup and it works great. but for some reason, in mobile version the dropdown is opening behind popup. I tried few version of the screens and few live showcases on the phones, it goes behind popup. So I do not know how to fix this, as i cannot influence your plugin settings for different sizes of the phones. Can you help me with this please?