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[New Plugin] File Informer

I wrote to you via the premier code form but I’d like to write here, too.

Your plugin is really well thought but I need a couple of functionalities. I’m working with multiple files and I’d like to get a list of base URL’s. Second, progress percentage list for these files would also be great. Are these possible to implement?

Thank you!

Possible yes, however without more interest in the extra functions you describe this would likely need to be a sponsored addition as I would prefer to keep the price as it stands.

Hi @PWC,

could you please provide a bit more information how to setup your plugin ?

I’m playing with it but I kinda can’t make it work with default bubble file uploader.

My understanding was that with this I will be able to reject it without actual upload (Like it is in the description of your plugin) which doesn’t seem to happen. However I configure the controls - ie reject / accept - file is always uploaded no matter what. Every action I setup after event “Finished Analysing” (Like show alert for example) fires correctly but file upload never stops.

I would appreciate if you could explain this.

Thank you!

As I understand, the file gets uploaded first, then the data about it is provided.

I do not see how else it may be done with Bubble’s native functionality.

Not sure what the “reject” does but to delete the file, you shall use “delete file” Bubble action (where you insert the file’s URL).

The intended use here being that Bubble does indeed upload as files are added is to use the actions to accept/reject based on the states once “Finished Analyzing” has fired and then using the accepted/rejected events you can have the delete file action bubble provides run.

We found this to be a good way to accommodate as many use cases as possible as some apps may want to reject a file but still retain the file as an upload.

@PWC could you provide instructions on how to get the override file name to work correctly?

I have tried to use it with dynamic data as well as static data and have no luck with it.

Also, how can we get it so that the plugin doesn’t cause a second upload of the same file?

As I upload an image I get two instances of it in my D.B. plus I can see with the blue progress bar at the top of the page that after the initial upload caused by the uploader element, the plugin sets a second action into progress, which I assume is why I get two instances of the same file uploaded to my file manager ( neither of which have a new name ) and I am also assuming the second action causing a second blue progress bar to appear is the plugin action event of “accept current file”

Any details on how to get two essential parts to work would be much appreciated.


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This plugin does NOT work. DO NOT buy it. The creator does NOT maintain it. It SHOULD be removed from the plugin library.

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This plugin is now on @ZeroqodeSupport @levon page. Why doesn’t the plugin demo page allow me to view the editor? It says I don’t have access rights.

I’m also getting the error shown below. I’m just guessing on how to use this since there’s no access to the editor page.


Anybody out there?

thanks for pinging us here, I wasn’t aware of any messages in this thread.
Created a ticket now with the team and we’ll take a look
Meanwhile I’ve made the editor read-only

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Thank you!

Hi @gnelson,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this issue is not reproducing on our side. However, you should be able to preview the editor by now and see how the plugin works. We can also see that your issue has been addressed here so we’ll monitor the thread and provide feedback via our forum.

Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

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Hi. Thanks for your response. I haven’t had the opportunity to get back to this, but will soon. I’ll report back.


Let’s say I have a file in my database.
I want to copy this file in a workflow to store it elsewhere in the database and change the file name.
Can I change the file name in the backend workflow with your plugin?

Hello, @akoziol
Thanks for reaching out.

First of all, please allow us to advise you to analyze the plugin Demo Page and the Demo editor for the template. There you will be able to find the main features of the plugin.

As for the renaming it, please find my screenshots below:

So, when you are using the Accept Current File Upload Informer action, you can override the file name.

You can also insert a static text to override the file name, but you have to also mark this checkbox:
Please use the stateUploadInformer’s File’s new name, so when you select the option to override the filename, you can use this state to save its name into your database.

Hope it will help you.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

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Thanks for you answer but I can’t check in the plugin editor if I can use it in the backend workflow.

Edit: I have my answer I haven’t notice it is an Element action. So i can’t use it in the backend workflow :’(

Hello, @akoziol

Please allow us to provide you some highlights regarding the Back-end Workflows.

Back-end workflows, labelled some places as API workflows (they’re the same thing) do not happen in the User’s browser, but on Bubble’s server. They can be triggered from the browser, but they will finish on the server regardless of what actions the User takes after they’ve been scheduled.

Thus, can you please let us know the reasons, why you are trying to use this plugin on the Back-end side?
It will help us to understand your scenario clearer. :pray:

Looking to hear from you soon.
Best regards,

SO when my users selects template for a project, I copy them to a new thing in the DB with some project info.
As I don’t know how many templates are going to be selected, I use a back end workflow for copying.

Hello, @akoziol
Thanks for the details.

Unfortunately, but the File Informer Plugin can’t be used on the Backend Workflows. Thus, this plugin quietly didn’t match your needs.

Please analyze these threads on the Forum, when you can find responses:

Hope it will help you.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support team