NEW PLUGIN - FitBoss🥦🍳


:one: Personalized Workouts: Custom fitness regimes to suit your goals - whether you’re just starting out or already a gym pro, FitBoss’s got you covered! 🏋‍♂:woman_in_lotus_position:

:two: Macros Calculated: Say goodbye to diet confusion! :face_with_monocle: FitBoss will analyze and provide precise macro breakdowns. Know exactly what you’re fueling your body with, every single day. :plate_with_cutlery::microscope:

:three: Tailored Meal Plans: Never worry about what to eat again! FitBoss designs meal plans that align with your fitness objectives and dietary preferences. :stew::green_salad:

FitBoss can also generate recipes from any given ingredients - useful for ‘I’m hungry, what can I make’ situations.

FitBoss will also give you the macronutrient breakdown of the recipes and meal plans.

Demo here


Is this AI powered?

Yes it is.

Yo I need this, all I had yesterday was a McChicken and 3L of Tejava

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Better than me. I usually get 2 mchicky’s and a sweet tea

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