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[New Plugin] for Amazon Product Search & Charts

If you’re a current Amazon seller, then you’ve likely subscribed to the KEEPA chrome extension to track amazon product prices or review historical trends & charts. You’ve possibly even used the product finder to research products for private labeling.

Now with the help of the Keepa plugin by Fliplist, you can build your own database of tracking objects and update them with the power of a recursive API on bubble. No need to manually check live offers or wait for price drops to occur. Have Sendgrid send an email if your price target update was reached. View charts, search for new products to source and retrieve product stats and marketplace offers all inside of bubble.

See the plugin details here :

Demo Page Can be viewed here:
( If the tokens are below “0” or negative I will up the token plan - Come back later in the mean time)

Editor View here:

Full Documentation can be found here :

Feel free to reply if you have any questions, comments etc.

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