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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Gantt / Timeline Chart

I will send you a PM!

Massive thanks to @Thimo! Found how I’d miss-configured the plugin and had it working in less than 10 minutes.

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Update 1.4.0

The amount of hours of the data entries are now taken into account for the ‘Quarter day’ and ‘Half day’ view modes!

Hi @Thimo,

Great work on this.

Is it possible to include point and drag? In the demo is looks like I can only use the scroll wheel after clicking my mouse wheel button.



+1 for point and drag.

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@lantzgould @nocodeventure

I just published version 1.5.0 containing a custom drag to scroll feature! You can turn this off inside the property settings. Also, you can specify a specific multiplier to speed up the scroll and you can enable/disable the ‘grab’ cursor style :slight_smile:

I have updated the demo page so you can take a look.



Hi @Thimo,

Nice plugin, looks awesome!

It would be great if you could be able to set a baseline, so in case you have to reschedule the task you can see directly how late are you. Is this possible?


Hi @pipeleteli!

Great to hear you like the plugin! There is already a current day indicator visible in the ‘day’ viewmode. Is that maybe what you mean with ‘baseline’?

Thanks for your reply!

Baseline, in this context, would be the original starting and ending dates you planned for your task execution, and when you get behind schedule and repogram your task, your “actual” starting and ending dates will be different than the ones you set for your baseline (original dates). In microsoft project, for instance, you can show the baseline under the task’s progress bar. In the image below, I pointed with a red arrow the black bar which represents the baseline of the task n°17, in this example you can see directly that you are a couple of days late.

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This is not something the plugin automatically does, but because the plugin is based on the data from your database you can when the user edits a task, create a new task with the old starting and ending date . This way a new bar will be visible with the old starting and ending date and will look like the ‘baseline’ you send in your example. You can then also change the progress of this bar to 100 or 0 and maybe change the name in ‘original task’ or something like that :slight_smile:

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Hi, l love this plugin, it is neat and simple. I have faced a problem, when I have entries with empty Starting date or end date the time line view start with 1970 when all entries with starting and end date are in 2020.

Also, is it possible to show full screen or a view that shows all 12 months (full year).


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Hi @vascolucci!

Great to hear you are enjoying this plugin! :slight_smile: When you have database entries with an empty starting date, they will automatically start in 1970. It is therefore not recommended to have database entries with empty starting / ending dates. To show a full screen you can create a page or popup that shows the plugin and redirect to that page / show the popup. There is at this time no native feature that exactly does this.

But I think that’s not the right behavior, it should ignore empty starting dates so for the plugin to work with different data setup.

In my case, there are data with no Starting date it an optional field, if the Starting date is not ignored I can’t use the plugin unfortunately.

The gantt is used to display timeline information. How would you want to display it without a date?

Just trying to understand your usecase.

You can in your case use Bubble to filter out data entries that have an empty starting / ending date. For example:

If you are not using ‘do a search for’ you can use the ‘:filtered’ operator on your loaded data set.

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I wonder if it is possible to add the ability to color the progress bar from the database field (text)?

This will allow the progress of every task comes with a different color.


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@vascolucci As far as I know the JS library that is used for this plugin doesn’t support individual colored bars. If they implement a feature like this in the future I will definitely add it to the plugin. :slight_smile:

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Thanks :+1:

By the way, I have the latest version of the plugin (1.5), although when I use bar is clicked part of the chart disappear and the tooltip gets shorter with every click.

Under the the clicked event: I show a group with details of the clicked bar.

how to solve this?

I will send you a PM!

Love this plugin so much! It looks great in the dashboard I’m building.

I’d like to be able to include the chart in emails as an image. I’ve tried each of the Bubble plugins that captures a group as an image, so that I can then include the image in the email. However, each plugin captures an empty space. Any idea why this might be?

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