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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Gantt / Timeline Chart

Ah, I got it. I was using the wrong field for sorting! Sorry to bother you!

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Hi @Thimo

I think the plugin break Air Calendar (Full Calendar) when they ar both on the same page. I just tested.

Can you test, just place them both on an empty page you will see that the Air calendar will not show up and will not initialize.


Hi @vascolucci,

I don’t know exactly how Air calendar is build, but Bubble should handle two plugins on the same page. Maybe you could report a bug to Bubble to find the exact cause? I would really appreciate if you could share the response from Bubble with me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I will contact bubble and report back.

Have you got any plans to add a scroll to entry feature?

That is a really interesting feature idea. I am not sure if that is possible, but I will look into it for you!

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Hi @Thimo Could be possible to have an option to set language of the plugin? Just want to show the months in Spanish. Thanks in advance!

Hi @CapiBalid, I did saw some posts on github about this. Not sure if this is implemented already, but I will investigate for you and see if I can add language options to the plugin! :slight_smile:

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Wow! Glad to hear this! That’s the real meaning of going above and beyond! Thanks, man! :clap:t5:

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Hi! nice plugin!

Is there a way to add constraint?
Somehow adding a constraint prevents the Gantt chart from being displayed on the screen.


Hi @MIMIMI555,

That sounds like a strange issue. I will send you a PM so we can take a better look at what is going on!

Everything is going great now
thank you for your quick reply!

@MIMIMI555 could you share how you fixed it and added a constraint? I’m curious about this issue as well.

what I did was just wait for 10minuets.

when I set a constraint to the Gantt chart, the whole Gant chart misses from the page at first.
but after 10minuets while asking about this issue on this forum and returned to my Gantt chart page, tried to add a constraint again then
I don’t know why but everything turned out to be perfect.

so, wait a few minutes and try again?

hope this will help.

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Hello @Thimo the plugin looks great!

Is it possible to have a timeline chart with a view mode of minutes?


@pablo This is unfortunately not possible in the current version of the plugin. I am not sure if this can get implemented, but I will look into it for you!

Hello @Thimo Excellent plugin.

I’m wondering if it’s possible for multiple tasks to share the same row. I have a use where this would be advantageous. Find a similar example below.

Again, excellent work here.

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Did you get a response to this? About multiple tasks sharing the same row

cc @Thimo

@femi must have totally missed @ahlmark message! Multiple tasks in the same row is at thins time not supported. I did look into this some time ago but couldn’t find a good solution. The Gantt chart inside the ApexCharts plugin does support multiple tasks in the same row, but does look and works a bit different

@Madsen_Consulting I have pushed an update (1.8.0) that should include a fix for this :slight_smile:

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