[New plugin] Fully Customizable Gantt / Timeline Chart

Hi @Thimo,
Is it possible to translate the month to Spanish?

@edwinbolanosb The plugin does not (yet) support translation. I am not sure if your other point is possible, but I will look into it! :slight_smile:

Hey Thimo.

Thanks again for making such an amazing plugin. I have now been working with it for the past 6 months, trying to make it work for the projekt i’m on.
So far so good, but now i’ve stumbled into a problem, and just wanted to ask you if its something that can be fixed or just me using the plugin incorrectly.

As of now, the gantt chart scrolls to the earliest date in the database. Is it possible for it to scroll to todays date as standard instead? There is a beautiful marker in the chart marking todays date, so i thought i might be possible.

Thanks again for your awesome work!


How do you manage the position of task with this plugin ?
I would like to let the user re arrange the position.

Hello @Thimo ,

thanks for this plugin! Is there a way to setup the start date/end date of the chart? Like to look for maximum and minimum date in the list of tasks?

@milos.halecka At this time the chart automatically sets a range depending on the list of tasks you supply. There is therefore no option to supply a fixed start and end date. Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’m very interested in this plug in for a potential big project for my company. I’m just starting to try it out to get the feel for it.

My primary need is to be able to visualize tasks that occur INTRADAY only.
Tasks would normally start at 07:00 am until 08:00 pm.


When I create 2 tasks, one starting on April 4 at 07:30 am, and another starting on April 4 at 12:00 noon, they don’t plot according to the hours depicted above. If I am reading this correctly, April 4 looks like it should start at “00” on the left and so the 07:30am tasks should start just to the right of the 06 marker.

Is it possible to CONSTRAIN only one day within the width of the display so that it only shows April 04 and no other day on either side. In other words, the width would correspond to 00:01 am on the left and 11:59 pm on the right?

Is is possible to create a dark vertical line that marks the difference between each date?

Any progress on being able to view the intraday by single hours rather than every 6 hours?

Thank you,

Olá, boa tarde.

Fiz a assinatura do plugin mas quando tento usar ele apresenta o seguinte erro…

“The plugin Gantt / Timeline Chart / element Gantt chart threw the following error: Error: Invalid fieldName: null
at Object.get (https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/377a68ad64afadf52261d306b85145c41938b601654b46a0965aa95a49b102af/xfalse/x15/run_debug.js:6:2257016)
at eval (PLUGIN_1590674038645x890698412804014100/Gantt-/-Timeline-Chart-update–Gantt-chart-.js:7:101) (please report this to the plugin author)”

E reparei que não aparece a opção do campo de progresso.

pode me ajudar?

Hi @murilonsr ,

This error indicates that you have empty (null) data in your data series. It’s recommended to not have empty fields in your database (in this case I think one of your ‘Name’ fields is empty)

I have pushed an update (1.9.0) to account for this in the plugin. Please refresh your editor and update the plugin.

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Muito obrigado pela agilidade na resposta.

Mas infelizmente não deu certo. Fiz a atualização e ainda nada e os dados não estão em branco no banco, segue imagens.


You are missing a number value in your database for the progress value:

Make sure to add a number field to your database for it to show up in the plugin. You can see the demo page how I have set it up over there: Pluginpreview | Bubble Editor

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Opa!! Deu certo agora.

Muito obrigado pelo apoio :+1:

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Hey, could I use your plug in to do something like this? I want to make a past activity timeline of a project.

The small boxes are only one day (that’s the day the pitch was done or that’s the day the expense was done).
Is it possible to have boxes less than a day? Like if some one worked from 8 am to 12 pm and then 2 pm to 4 pm – have that shown as separate in an hourly view but one day in a day view?

@msamandadianne Yes you can have boxes smaller than a day! You specify the boxes length by using a date, so this does not have to be exactly a day:

Love the Gantt chart! You saved me sooo much time. Is there a way of having the data “Name” to the left of the chart?
Thanks for making this!

@emcsolutionsus This is right now not possible unfortunately, I will have a look to see if the library support this and if so I will add it to the plugin for you!

Thank you! @Thimo

Hello there, nice plugin!
I would like to know if we can use dynamic data to set a date, because in my project I do have a expected end date and a real end date, im trying to change the current shown date from expected to real when the real date is not empty, but I cant see how.
And another question, can customize the way months are written? I would like to show them in BR-Portuguese

Is there a way to trigger a refresh of the chart? Let’s say clicking the bar shows a popup and you update some data for the chart but you don’t want to reload the page.

Also - is there a way to customize the data shown in the tooltip?

The chart refreshes automatically when data changes, so there should be no need for this. Are you experiencing something else?

This is not yet possible in the current version of the plugin.