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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Ok got it. Thank you for your support. I have to change my database’s structure :sleepy:

@vankhoa0603 I will take a look if I can add support for lists of option sets in coming updates for you. That will hopefully be helpful for you and others.


Hi, Excelent Plugin!
I am new on Bubble and maybe already have a “solution”.

Is it possible do math operation (or any formula) between columns? Ex:
Quantity-column * Price-column = Sub Total (“virtual” column)

And Aggregations Function by column like: Sum, Count…

Tks in advance

Hi @polenvinagre, great to hear that you like the plugin!

I think that you could hypothetically use the HTML field to do this, but that is quite advanced. Unfortunately at the moment there is no ‘Bubble’ solution to reference to the values inside the cells to do math operations.

Hi @Thimo,

This plugin seems to be promising !

I am wondering if something is a bug or a functionality :

After I added multiple columns in the table, it seems that a deletion of any column delete also all columns placed on his right.

sounds weird right ?

Also, I have a suggestion/question, do you think it could be difficult to add a “Full Reset” action in workflow ?
As I plan to fully populate the table with workflows, I think it will be simpler to reset and re-populate for “re-generating” instead of removing every column one-by-one.

Hi @namuti, yes that is a bug! I just pushed a fix for that issue (2.8.0). I will take a look if I can make it easier to remove large amount of columns form the table for you! :slight_smile:

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Hi Thimo,

I sent you an e-mail today. Thank you the very quick reply! I do have another question regarding the roadmap of this plugin: Will it be possible to edit the data through the table at some point? There is another table plug-in which can do this but is otherwise far less powerful. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Pat,

The JS library that is used for this plugin doesn’t support editing of the cells right inside the table. That’s why I don’t think that this feature will be implemented anytime soon.

@Thimo Hey, I seem to getting a weird issue where column 11 just doesn’t work. I tried moving the data to 12 and then that worked but 11 was still blank. Is this a bug? Thanks

@dr712406 I think I found the bug! I published a new version (2.8.1) that includes a fix. Hopefully it solves your problem.

It works thanks

Hi All

Anyone know if you can now add a reusable element or button for extra options to the rows?

img111 img222


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Great plugin @Thimo. I was wondering if I could use conditional logic when displaying data in cell. Currently, I am using your html/css snippet for displaying tags in a cell.
I have “order” data type and it has “status” field. Status can be open, closed or cancelled. Based on the status, I want to change background color. Should I use js and select cells by class name & change it based on their text value, or is there an easy way you can think of?


@ferhatg In your case with conditional formatting, I think that the best way is to go the JS route :slight_smile:

Update 2.9.0

1 - Added the option to hide the pagination summary

2 - Added the option to change the ‘No results found’ text

3 - You can now retrieve the value of the search input as an element state.

4 - You can now retrieve the current pagination of the table as an element state.

5 - Fixed a bug where the ‘No records found’ message triggered the ‘cell/row is clicked event’.


Perfect, thanks a lot Thimo!

Great question, @ferhatg- I want to do something similar with tags. What did you end up doing?

Also, @Thimo- would it be possible to use different colors for the Header font color and the secondary font color? I’m using a dark Header BG color and want to use white for the Header font color, but then the pagination text won’t be visible.

Hi @sydney22,

The demo also has a dark header BG with a light font color and the pagination is still visible:

Is this also the style you are going for? If so, it may help to look at the editor of the demo page :slight_smile:

Does this plugin support the integration of data from external api? Or does it only refer to bubble tables? Thanks in advance

Hi @rispoli.mar2803

Data from an API should be supported. Here is demo using the Airtable API. Note that I have used the type ‘Text’ as data type for the columns :slight_smile: