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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Perfect, thanks a lot Thimo!

Great question, @ferhatg- I want to do something similar with tags. What did you end up doing?

Also, @Thimo- would it be possible to use different colors for the Header font color and the secondary font color? I’m using a dark Header BG color and want to use white for the Header font color, but then the pagination text won’t be visible.

Hi @sydney22,

The demo also has a dark header BG with a light font color and the pagination is still visible:

Is this also the style you are going for? If so, it may help to look at the editor of the demo page :slight_smile:

Does this plugin support the integration of data from external api? Or does it only refer to bubble tables? Thanks in advance

Hi @rispoli.mar2803

Data from an API should be supported. Here is demo using the Airtable API. Note that I have used the type ‘Text’ as data type for the columns :slight_smile:


Update 2.10.0

Columns with data type ‘Number’ are not converted to texts anymore. This will improve sorting.

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Dark mode is great, but I was aiming for a dark header with white text (i.e., secondary font color) and a light background with dark text. My problem is that white text leaves the pagination buttons blank when they are disabled.

I was hoping to plop an html element onto the table and style the buttons accordingly, but it didn’t work. I tried something like this:

#id9163522 .gridjs-pagination .gridjs-pages button[disabled] { color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 1) !important; }

Is it possible to override secondary font color? Superb plugin, btw. :slightly_smiling_face:

@sydney22 Ah, I see! I will look into if I can let you specify a custom color for the inactive pagination button.

In the meantime, maybe you could try the following CSS in your html element (almost the same but without the ‘id…’:

.gridjs-pagination .gridjs-pages button[disabled] { color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 1) !important; }

Sweet stuff!

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That would be awesome- thanks Thimo!

This is great. Is there a way you can make a table open for to a community of users to crowdsource the data and then report on each cell of that data?

Update 2.11.0

Added the option to specify a ‘disabled pagination font color’ @sydney22

Boom. Thimo, you are the king! Anyone reading this thread who hasn’t bought this plugin yet: do yourself a favor and get it, stat.

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Hi @Thimo ,

I need your help about an issue I have.

I try to show a list of data with array in array in array. I want to find the fist element of each sub-array of the first one: (want to show the name of the last event of the last action in my array of users for each user)
{name: “franck”
tittle: “dr”
Actions: [
{Name : "doSomething"
** date : “2021-02-19”}**,
{Name : “doSomething2”
date : “2021-02-18”}

For now I have the message [object Object] when I try to show it. How to navigate to the sublist?
When I turn the type as text, the data are showered at the wrong row (beause it is a list of event name and not a list of user with the field “event name”)
Could you help me please?

Hi @fr.duhamel

Only lists of texts are supported. Nested lists of things are not supported. The message ‘[object Object]’ appears because you are trying to show an object instead of a text. You can see on the demo page an example of how these lists of texts work (column 6 if I recall correctly). For this to work you should have a ‘list of texts’ field directly inside the thing you are loading. Does this make sense?

The plugin looks great :metal:

@Thimo how does it perform with thousands of pieces of data?
My use case would would have it from 50-3,500 records.

Do you have any live or test examples of the plugin with low thousands pieces of data?

@gf_wolfer I just created a demo for you with 2000 rows of Bitcoin data from an API. Hopefully that would be helpful. Keep in mind that is can take some time to retrieve all the data from the API :slight_smile:

Editor: Pluginpreview | Bubble Editor

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Awesome - thanks for the quick response!

Just bought it!

Also I noticed in the example you are doing API call for every field instead of a single API call and just displaying the results.

Would storing the List, whether API or a search, somewhere else on page and referencing it be more optimal to save trips to the API or DB?

@gf_wolfer Thats great to hear!

In my experience I have noticed that it doesn’t affect the performance when doing the same API call multiple times (same for ‘do a search for’). It seems like Bubble does some caching in the background. If you are experiencing different behaviour, you could ofcourse save the API output in a state and refer to it that way :slight_smile: