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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid


I am not sure what is happening here. I just tried to recreate your setup, but it worked fine for me. It could be that because you are appending a lot of workflows with a lot of data searches that it may causes performance issues and skips over steps. I am not sure though. I will look into this to see if I can find what may causes this. Could you maybe try to remove some of the workflow actions that add the columns to see if it changes the behavior?


Did you make any changes to the table before you were encountering this behavior? As there was no update pushed, it is odd that this happened out of the blue. I will definitely keep an eye on this. If you maybe know some steps to reproduce this issue it would be really helpful! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I did change (moving, deleting workflow actions) and could finally do what I wanted. But the behavior was a little bit weird.

No changes to the tables’ settings although as I mentioned earlier the table that did not use checkboxes was unaffected. I use the checkbox feature with 3 other tables and all were blank.

Hey @Thimo, Is it possible for the filters and search to remain active after making changes to the table data? I have reviewed about 100 items on my site with your Table/Grid plugin. And after each modification the table reloaded and lost the filters and the search… I wasted a lot of time :sweat_smile:

Also, any chance to have an index number for each row? I can’t see how to generate it anyway.

Hello @Thimo ! Is there a way to set the width of first column ? and not the other ones ?

Cause this is pretty ugly like this (auto width disable) :

or this (auto width enable) :

If I can set fixed width for the first column and auto-width for the other ones it will be much nice!

Maybe there’s a css trick to do that ?



The table needs to refresh to update the data it contains. I will look into if I can keep the filter options the same when this happens! I just pushed an update (2.20.0) that let you add an index column to your table (see more below).

This is happening because the column name of one of your columns is longer that the others. I have just pushed an update (2.20.0) that lets you specify a min width for the columns. Hopefully this helps!

Update 2.20.0

1 - Added the option to add an ‘index’ column to your table.

2 - Added the option to specify a min width for your columns (default: 200).

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading to see the newly added fields.

2021-05-18 om 18.58.19


About that I don’t know what’s possible but it could also be great to have the possibility to stay to the right page after an update (when we use the pagination). Or at least the possibility to switch dynamically so as not to update the data? If there is no choice I prefer not to see the data update when I want to so that I don’t lose the position when I edit a row.

Or something like scroll to the last viewed/clicked row (if pagination is not enabled) after the update?

I don’t know just a way to not loose our search/filter and position each time there is an update on the data.

In any case thanks for your work so far :pray:

@Thimo is it possible to sort by dates? Because when I use the “date” data type for a column, nothing appear. And if I convert it into text, then the sorting field is not working as it’s a date but as it’s text.

@Thimo it works perfect (column width) thx !

Is there a way to format the column names ? I try to center it but not working (not good UI column name is left aligned and content centered :/)

other question, I tryto "labelled (Advanced styling) with a data content with 2 words (space between) but not working (css doesn’t like space ?)

So trying somethin else but seems that the html bbcode field doesn’t allow to set up with the "This table/grid cell ID :

I need to display in a way or another a color in the row/cells depending on the content display but it can be two words, an idea to solve this ?

Maybe you can use an other attribute selector?

As @Thimo posted before: CSS Attribute Selector


Hi Thimo,
Yes I use the stretch option.
For a small size it works great but when the screen is normal with, it does strange things…

At this time dates are sorted as texts. I am looking into the functionality to accept dates or to automatically convert these text based dates to ‘real’ dates. I unfortunately can not to give a timeline for this yet

Okay thanks, I will use the extract with UNIX value for the moment to sort the date, but not really user-friendly for my colleagues :joy:

@Thimo I really hope this wasn’t answered already; I did read the entire post I believe - so sorry in advance if I missed it. Anyway, my situation is that I want to be able to load different data into the same table, so I want to add ALL of the columns programatically. Is that possible? . For instance, the same table might sometimes hold a list of users and another time a list of pets. It seems like it’s not happy with me when I attempt it, so I wanted to check to see whether it should be possible. Thanks!

Hi @shanon.hart

At this time the table needs at least one column specified inside the column properties, after that you can programmatically add more via workflows. I can look into if I can change this so you can programmatically set the columns of the table without specifying one in the table properties :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the reply and for looking into it!

HI Thimo,

Plugin looks great. Do any of your templates come packaged with this plugin? or are they separate purchases?

Hi @peter19

As it is not possible to bundle paid plugins inside templates and I don’t want the user to be surprised with a paid plugin when they have acquired the template, I don’t use paid plugins inside my templates. So, if you want to add this plugin to a template it will be a separate purchase :slight_smile:

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so nice, didn’t know that.

sorry, I really searched but there’s so much posts in this thread !

I did the thing by give a color to my tasks.


But can’t get le label in the middle of the cell. I tried to center the div with no success. If you have an idea ?

No worries, thanks, I purchased the addon.

Follow up question regarding the way that the table gets the data from the database: Will it be slow if each column is using the “Search for Table datas” method (from your example)? Or does bubble optimize the request?