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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Hey @Thimo - do you know if it’s possible to display a list of items in one of the fields? I’ve got a table record that has one field (Actions) that is a list of texts, and I’d like to display them in the table. Right now, it just shows the entire set with the commas showing:

Hi @steve18

When you use a field that is a list of texts, the items of the list will be displayed with a comma separator like you can see in column 6 of the demo page. Could you give me a bit more detail of what you would like to see instead?

Hi @Thimo . Thanks for getting back to me. I think just a bulleted list would be good…

Hey @Thimo,

You’ve done a great work. Was just wondering if I can concatenate two columns e.g. I’ve user profile pictures and their names as two separate columns but I want them to be displayed in a single column.

Would it be possible to add HTML/BBcode editing to the index and checkbox columns as well as the column headers?

Hi @sydney22 Sorry for the late reply, column headers and the checkbox column is at this time not (yet) possible. It is possible for the index column and I have just pushed an update that adds this functionality (update 2.21.0)!

2021-06-01 om 21.09.03


No worries- awesome, I’ll check it out! I forgot to ask in my last post but maybe others are experiencing the same: is there a workaround for formatting currency? Bubble’s built-in :formatted as function works fine for the formatting part, but numbers are then evaluated as texts which hinders accurate sorting. I’m using ${{value}} in the HTML/BBcode section but would like to add commas.

@Thimo I noticed that using conditionals creates errors and causes custom HTML/CSS to load incorrectly if you switch to another tab while the table is loading, and sometimes on first load before performing a page refresh. I have my table set up to optionally load certain columns based on what the user wants to see. You can see this error pop up in debug mode once the page loads and see it happen when previewing. It will chalk up all of the raw HTML and CSS for each cell. This applies to both putting HTML and CSS in a text field AND just putting plain text in a text field with CSS in the HTML/BB Code box. Let me know what you find out and if you can fix that. It’s a major feature I’m planning to implement.

Hi @unisonapps

Instead of hiding and showing certain columns using conditionals, you I would recommend to use workflows to append new columns when needed. Would this work for your integration? The demo page has a showcase of the append column feature for you to look at (;

I will also look into if I can reproduce your issue, but do let me know if the proposed solution will work for you :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo Thanks for the quick reply. I had tried that originally first, but I noticed that removing an appended column only seems to work (and I may be wrong here but this is what I experienced), if I first add the column through workflows. That being said, I would have to set up a conditional action for each column and I’m already reaching a point where the workflows are affecting page performance. So in essence, it isn’t ideal to add more workflows than necessary. Other than that, as everyone knows, your plugins are awesome.

@Thimo I did manage to make it work without conditionals. Turns out, it is possible to do what I need without them and everything still display correctly. It also doesn’t cause issues with hiding/displaying certain columns. I’ll keep you updated if I come across any more issues.

Hi @Thimo,

I’m using the checkbox feature to allow someone to select rows and then click a button to upload to an API. However, when I run my workflow to upload the data, the table shows “Loading…” and doesn’t stop showing “loading…”, even if the workflow ran without any issues. The only thing from the plugin I’m using within the workflow is using the list of checklist IDs to filter on the repeating group and the data is already loaded within the table before they start the workflow.

The only workaround I can find is reloading the page.

Is there a bug somewhere or something I can trigger to stop it from loading?

Thank you for any ideas!

@cowlescj I will send you a pm so we can take a better look at the issue you are having! :slight_smile:

@Thimo Found a strange issue.

This happens when I hide a group element with the table inside of it, then show it again after changing the data source through a custom state on the page. But it’s only when I go back to hiding the group, changing the data source, and showing it again that the issue occurs.

It looks like it’s shrinking the cells to their minimum constraints.

@unisonapps Thank you for flagging and describing a way to reproduce the issue! I will look into it and hopefully can find a fix soon! :slight_smile:

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@Thimo Just to add one more thing to this. The more columns I add, the more the columns start to pull back and create a small notch of space at the end of the table like the screenshot above, but only what appears to be one px or so at a time. It will stay like this, regardless of any kind of setup. Thanks for looking into these!

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Hi. Is there any control over data driven cell colours? I’m looking to create a heat map and want to colour the cells based on their numerical content.

This plugin has been a game-changer for my app it makes adding good looking charts so easy!

I had a couple of questions if you get a moment…

  • Is it possible to set a max width on columns? Sometimes differences in data cause my columns to have random widths and it would be good get more consistency with maximum widths.

  • Are there any plans for being able to do ‘get API data’ for a specific column? This would be super useful to me as it would allow me to populate data for a single column from an external API

Keep up the great work!!

Hi @jamesdevonport!

You can set a min width! This was introduced in the following update:

You can already use an API for the columns :slight_smile: I once created an example of a large set of bitcoin data from an API you can see here:

@Thimo hi!

Is it possible to place a button inside a cell? To trigger a workflow?
I tried without success :frowning:

And… can I display my user’s picture in the same cell of his name? Also tried :sweat_smile:. Cuz I don’t want a cell with his picture and another with his name…