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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Update 2.27.0

Added the option to add up to 3 buttons with the associated event and states to the table!

When a button is clicked, the ‘Button is clicked’ event will be triggered and the ‘Button click index’ and ‘Button click column name’ will be set. The demo page is updated to show this in action:

@ernesto.vazquez As icons like that are not supported, you maybe could use this feature in your app instead? :slight_smile:

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I will send you a PM so we can take a better look at this issue!

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@Thimo This is awesome! I’ve been struggling to work out how to implement this plugin in my app as I needed something like buttons or icons per row…this might be the missing piece!

One small suggestion though - would you be able to make the button text field compatible with BBcode (or html) like the bubble native text elements? This would allow to create buttons that
look like icons with font awesome codes.

And another thing I’m struggling to work out how to make happen - for example I have a data type ‘invoice’ and a field linked to ‘user’ datatype. Under user I have a first-name and a last-name field - I’d like to return both first-name and last-name in the same column, is this possible?

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thank you so much. i’ll check it. :grin:

Was it determined whether an isLoading conditional is possible? That way we could handle data loading with a skeleton loader or spinner.

@sydney22 I have added the ‘Is loaded’ state in update 2.28.0 which should be set to ‘yes’ when the table is fully loaded an operational :slight_smile:

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Worked like a charm and makes for a great user experience. Thanks, Thimo!

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Is it possible only to display search results in the Table/Grid? For example, if I type a name at the top I would like the table to only show results of that search. Otherwise if the search is not preformed table remains blank and is not showing any records.

What’s the best way to fill a blank cell with default data? I have an optional input and would like to have a default value appear in the table when the user decides to leave it blank.

In your datatype itself, set the default value there. That way when a new thing is created it will default to this value unless its then changed via whatever mechanism you build :slight_smile:

Thanks, @equibodyapp- I think you identified my problem at the end there. I included the default value in the data type as a number, but in the table I’m formatting it as currency (i.e., text). Do you know of a way to account for this?

Hi @Thimo ,
I have an issue with text-auto-entering. some text looks good but some are not.
I don’t know why. Can you help me?

Table usability degrades if multiple people are editing the records. Is there a way to adjust that table refresh rate in some way? If 5 people are editing data and a user has the table sorted by top column, the table will reset to default sorting whenever a record is modified. This makes it feel like the table is jumpy all the time (when a record(s) are modified) and sorting not so usable.

You could use the html formatting field for the currency symbol instead of bubble formatting?

I thought of doing that too, but with the way Bubble handles numbers, the thousands commas will then be eliminated.

What does formatting is as currency/number stop you doing? Or are you trying to get it to display $0.00 for example instead of blank when there is no value?

Sorting- the table sorts number data types perfectly, but when the data is formatted as a text $100,000 will be sorted before $20,000 low to high.

Hey @Thimo, just wondering if you have any replies for these questions? :slight_smile:

I also have another one - anyway we can use :count and :sum operators on the displayed table data? For instance if I’d like to return the count of rows? or total a number column?

This is at this time not possible. As the custom BB code implementation is quite complex, I will explore if this could be implemented for the buttons!

Yes this is possible using the ‘Calculation example’ column on the demo page. For simplicity I have added a new column (column 10) to the table on the demo showcasing how to combine field from the same thing :slight_smile:

Amazing!! Thank you! This solved a big issue for me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Would be amazing if it could as this is probably the last piece to completely replace all my RG’s.

And are you able to help with how to get a count of rows and/or a sum of a number type column? Obviously I can do this by doing the same data search as the table is based on - but if a user is using the ‘search’ function it then won’t be correct.