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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Update 2.2.0 & 2.3.0

1 - Added the option to replace all the labels in the table with your own text!

2 - Minor improvements.

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading

Just bought the plugin. Looks great! Will there be support for showing linked things? I have companies and contacts, and a field in the company thing for a billing contact. When I show that field in the table, I get “[object Object]” instead of the contact name. This happens also with an address field. If I change the column type to Contact and search like this:


I get the following error:

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Hi @blake1, while testing nested things I noticed this error too and pushed a fix (Update 2.4.0)!

You will get the message [object, Object] when you are trying to display an object (a thing inside a thing) and not a text. Your way, with ‘Contact’ as the column type, should be working now with this update. You can also do the following when using nested things:

Data type: text
Data source: Search for Companys’s Billing contact’s Full Name

Make sure you sort/filter the search the same way across your table :slight_smile:

@Thimo Great plugin and support :point_up_2:

I’m a bit new and could be overlooking it, but I am not seeing how to set a single data source for an entire table. I don’t need the flexibility to set different data sources for each col, but I need to create a bunch of tables, each of which have the same, filtered data source. Setting the data source for each col actually reduces my flexibility because now I have to make a change in a lot of places if my data source changes.

Am I missing something or other suggestions? I also tried to set my data with another element and then refer to it at the col level (thinking this would save me some time), but I couldn’t get that to work.

Thanks again

Hi @statslastnight!

You should be able to do that with a custom state. I have created a demo for you:

This is the custom state I used:

You will have to set that custom state on page load and you can use it as your data source.
Tip: Because a custom state doesn’t have data right away, you can hide the table and show it (when data is available) using the following condition to improve your UX :slight_smile: :

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Update 2.5.0

Fixed a bug regarding undefined values inside the table when using the CSV export action.

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading

@Thimo, is it possible to add a column that is a list of things? I have a database called “Listings”, and each listing contains a list field, which is a list of segments from the “Segments” database.

Hi @jwtuckr! Nested lists of things are unfortunately not supported in this version of the plugin. But, nested lists of texts are supported :slight_smile:

just came to tell you that that demo page is aweesommmeeeee

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Thank you!

I see. Could you give me an example?

Sure! See here:

The third column shows a nested list of texts.

Ah, I see. The nested list of texts isn’t connected to another database. They’re just plain text.

This doesn’t seem to work if I use the “text” field of that nested database.

Is there anything in your future roadmap to try and support this?

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, that isn’t supported at the moment. I will definitely look into it for you, but I am not sure if it can be implemented

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Thanks for the help, @Thimo!

I’m using this plugin.
It’s very good plugin.

Now I’m wondering how to display the “date” field data displayed in the grid.
Currently it is displayed in a column like this (I’m in Japan).
Mon Jun 13 2016 19:45:00 GMT + 0900 (Japan Standard Time)

Is it possible to change the format and display the date like this?
2016/06/13 19:45

Hi @Otojiro,

I have created an example of formatted dates on the demo page :slight_smile: You can look at the 5th column:

Editor demo page:

Thank you very much.
I saw the display as I wanted!!

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This would be so nice to be able to display a list of things (group them in 1 cell)! do you think it can be?
the plugin is really good, fast to display and to search items, awesome, congrats

quick question @Thimo : how to get the list resulting from a search?

I use the build-in search feature to filter some contacts,
when i click on a row the contact is displayed in a popup,
and i want to have a “next” button to be able to display the next contact in the popup.

the problem is that the next contact is based on the list displayed in the Table BEFORE the search filter is taken into account…